For Those Who Bake and Cook

Here is a fabulous tip for those who bake and cook.

Certainly we’ve heard enough about indulging less and receiving more adequate nutrition. Well – how about the best of both worlds? Naturally, some things are best left alone…don’t go trying to tell a Florentine chef to substitute apple sauce for butter in a renowned pastry…seriously! BUT, for those of us who are happy reserving heavy decadence laden treats to the pro’s, here’s an idea:

Try substituting plain Greek yogurt to any recipe that calls for sour cream, mayonnaise or heavy cream. There will be a bit of tweaking necessary, in regards to measurements, but it’s a glorious substitution. Not only does Greek yogurt have a marvelous, whipped and creamy texture (using the 2% version is best in baking, and probably in cooking as well) but it offers the perfect combination of protein, carbs and fat. It also contains an excellent level of calcium. With it’s simply plain flavor, it adorns the mask of whatever dishes flavors it’s being included in. AND having it in the fridge means you can have a bowl with blueberries and honey the next day! Or perhaps granola, or almonds, or a dash of cocoa powder. It’s the most versatile “perfect food” snack, and having it as a staple in your fridge not only means certain nutrition for your body, but certain success in more healthful recipe masterpieces!


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