Introduce Thyself!

Hello world, I’m Bella!

The purpose of this blog is to reveal, manifest and learn more about all of my passions. These include, in no particular order, and are certainly not limited to writing, knowledge, yoga, animals, health, holistic nutrition, the great outdoors, art, cooking, music, researching, environmental awareness and overall wellness. I hope to combine my passion for writing, with my many interests, and my appetite for expanding my own mind. I hope to display blog posts that range from simple holistic tips I’ve picked up, created or heard, all the way to in depth musings about particulars or the vastness of life in general. Most of all, I hope that if you find your way to my page, you may find solace in my appreciation of life’s beauties and intrigue in what I’ve written.

I’ll leave you with a quote from one of my yoga instructors.

“May the light inside of me, guide the light inside of you.”




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