Eier, Oeufs, Uova, EGGS!

Whatever the language you’re speaking, eggs are a universal staple in any kitchen.

There’s a huge anti-cholesterol war being fought in the nutrition world and a rapid fire “egg white” fad taking over. Let me tell you, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of egg white omelets. They’re tasty. But when I realized I was consuming so very few nutrients through the egg whites, I decided to look into it.

Here is one site that will explain the breakdown of nutrients in full egg vs egg white:



Here’s another, for those concerned with the weight or cholesterol repercussions:



Essentially, we live in a world of “fat free” and types of “cheat foods.” What I mean by the phrase “cheat foods” is that in America we’re constantly bombarded with GMOs and engineered treats that are supposed to be “healthier” and yet in fact are simply cheating our bodies and our souls of both vital nutrients and the simple joy of eating.

What’s the point if you whip up an egg white omelet and end up cleaning your dish feeling like another chore was done, but anxiously awaiting your next meal? Wouldn’t you rather poach an egg or hard boil an egg and take a moment to ENJOY what you’re preparing, to work on the presentation and to savor the taste?

I’m concerned with our principles here in the states. When it comes down to it, scientifically, the body simply must expend the same number of calories it takes in if you wish to maintain your physical weight. What is the point of consuming endless calories of “cheat foods” that are not truly satisfying? Would you not prefer to have the whole egg, to enjoy it and feel satisfied after?

Now, let me qualify my statements…

I am not advocating for you to get up and go indulge in a four egg omelet. One must understand the nutritional value of what they’re consuming and do their best to not “cheat” their body in any way. My goal is to indulge my senses while still being mindful of what is going to help my body to function at its healthiest. It’s a balancing act, one that is wildly thrown off by the “fast food nation” we live in. My challenge for you is to step away from the “fat free” craze and ask yourself, what is it I truly want? If you prefer fat free yogurt, have at it. If you prefer whole milk yogurt, have at that, in moderation! Enjoy the foods you love while still remembering to move your body.

Taking away the stress of eating and bringing it back to pleasure reduces cortisol, a stress hormone that, when you get down to it, is a cancer-causing leech. Something we do all day long, every few hours, that brings together family and connects aspects of culture should not be such brain science. Bring your palate back to the basics and learn to be satisfied with a little less of what you truly love, instead of a truck load of “cheat food” that leaves you in malaise.



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