Pranayama. Breath is life.

Next time you’re panicked, anxious or simply frazzled by the chaos around you…try this.


Develop a breathing technique with a simple base, and then suit it to yourself personally.

Bow your head if you’re in public or simply shut your eyes if in private. Relax your shoulders and gently shut your eyelids. Breathe in deeply through your nose and exhale fully through your mouth. Some may prefer to do Ujjayi Breathing (in and out through the nose, “Darth Vader” breathing). Perhaps even try inhaling through slightly parted lips, with your tongue lightly resting on the roof of your mouth. This creates a cooling effect on the roof of the mouth which, in turn, cools the angst and stress in your body and mind (

It’s incredibly helpful to create a sequence for yourself. Counting to seven with the inhale, holding for two seconds, counting to seven on the exhale, holding for two seconds, repeat. You see what I mean? Try something that works for you, whether it’s counting or simply repeating a mantra that calms you. One way or another, occupying the mind with something else while taking deep breaths is a sure way to calm you down. No you probably won’t finish your breathing sequence completely free of the prior stress, but you will certainly have done your mind and body a big favor in regards to handling the stress and salvaging the rest of your day!


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