“Pasty is the new Tasty!”

Okay, I admit, that title is super lame. Rhymes can often turn out as such. But I digress…

Considering I’m a naturally pale skinned European girl, I sometimes get that whole, “You’re so white!” gasp from those more darkly pigmented. Now let me say, I’m by no means albino or colorless ghost. I have plenty of color. But something happened in our society around the time tanning beds hit the scene, and again when orange palmed fake tanner fans started parading around in their streaky skin. Not to say I have not tried and enjoyed more natural forms of self tanner (I won’t knock it until I try it) but I’ve come to terms with the fact that pale skin is incredibly elegant.

Of course if you’re born olive skinned, fabulous! If you aren’t, perhaps you ought to embrace the milky complexion with which you were born. Look at actresses like Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, Kristen Stewart…to name just a few. Aren’t they stunning? For one, they’re a lot more concerned with more important things than trying to achieve a faux tan, and secondly they are rocking their natural color.

I personally have become an SPF addict. I know that many sunscreens are now under siege for their ingredients and I do my best to avoid the chemical UV blockers and poisonous additives. However, I also am willing to smear on a little extra sunscreen in order to prevent a burn. According to my doctor, though, less sunscreen is more. And less SUN is more. Staying in the shade when possible, always carting along a hat for days spent outdoors, and putting sunscreen on the areas you intend to expose to the sun are all ways of protecting yourself from skin cancer. Seems easy enough right?

Well let’s not even go down the path that discusses the above information in regard to tanning beds. Essentially, you’re asking for skin cancer and damage if you step foot – er body – in one of those. They look terrifying, don’t they? Like they might cook you alive? Okay, anyone who’s seen that version of Final Destination gets the picture. And aside from your exterior body facing those harmful rays, I can’t help but wonder what they do to your brain, your organs and your sensitive eyes? Creepy eye goggles and all.

I digress, again…

My bottom line here is love what you were born with, whether it’s exotic olive skin or elegant pallor. Just rejoice in your God given skin tone and for the love of Pete, PROTECT IT from the sizzling sun!


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