Nut Butter Delight

Are you an old fashioned peanut butter fan? Glued to the skippy jar, literally?
Or do you not care for the buttery spread at all? The latter is fine, I suppose, but you’re certainly missing out.
Almond butter is my latest fave, and I only yesterday purchased my first ever jar of Tahini butter. Thinking that it was only a hummus ingredient, I did not anticipate the incredible sweet potato topping this would be! I stole that idea from the popular HEAB blog, and have also smeared almond butter across a yam as well. I’ve tried hazlenut butter – who can say they are not Nutella fans!? Being German I grew up with it as a staple of the pantry! – Whole Foods also sells cashew butter, walnut butter, cacoa butter, soynut butter and sunflower seed butter, amongst others.
Now, I’m not bagging on peanut butter. It’s a prevalent staple in many American diets (PB&J anyone?!) and it’s delicious. However, it’s not the most nutritious nut around and quite often, people are ready to expand their palates after a lifetime of peanut butter sandwiches.
How interesting does a hazlenut butter sandwich with sprinkled cocoa powder? Or perhaps a slice of toast with walnut butter and chunks of banana…mmm how about a square of extra dark chocolate smeared with creamy almond butter? The options are endless and, though it sounds decadent, consuming your favorite nut butter can become an intricate part of your love for food!
Lately I’ve been triple dosing my servings of nut butter, but naturally it goes through phases, and remember a balanced diet is key. Nut butter is an extremely calorie dense food, so you mustn’t eat it half a jar at a time. But it’s most certainly something you could, and should, enjoy everyday.
I found this AWESOME website listing the differing nut butters and their health benefits, respectively. Check it out!
Once you decide what flavors best suite you, start experimenting. I love adding almond butter to my oatmeal! How do you like it?


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