Happy Feet

Every time I stretch in that relieving head-to-knee pose sitting on the floor, stretching out my hamstrings and back, I find myself giving my feet a little rub. You’re supposed to grab your foot to gently pull your torso towards your leg, and in that moment of deep relaxing stretch I have begun the practice of massaging the foot that I’m holding. It feels amazing and reminds me that I used to give myself a little foot rub each night before bed! Just about a minute per foot, with a little pump of lotion, so that I woke up with relaxed, soft, HAPPY FEET! 🙂

Well it got me to thinking…how much do our feet endure everyday? I know I’ve read the literature before, but the alarming relief I felt from such a quick little rub up and down my own foot (and anyone who’s ever given their own feet a massage knows it can’t hold a candle to one given by another person – what is that? It’s sort of like when someone else makes you a sandwich it always tastes better than the same one made by yourself. Hmmm…) urged me to look up some more information. I did, and thought I’d share it with you lovely folks!


Check out the number of bones, tendons, muscles, joints and nerves we walk around with in these puppies!



Good reason to give them a little rub down in thanks for carrying us around all day, right? 🙂 One step closer to happy feet!


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