New Year’s Resolutions

Dear Imaginary Readers,

Forgive me for falling into the holidays and not blogging. I do realize nobody reads this blog (YET!) so I suppose I’m more asking myself for forgiveness. See, writing about health, happiness and nutrition gives me a sense of purpose. It seems to flow naturally and I feel accomplished after researching something and providing links, information and my commentary-like banter. I envision readers one day checking out Karmabody and saying, “Oh, neat! I’ve been wondering what I could add to my diet to get more magnesium!” or “Jeez, I am spending too much on a gym membership I don’t even use, when I have a perfectly good living room floor and yoga mat.” I want to change people’s lives in the most simple and pure way that makes sense to me…I want to make it EASIER to live life to the FULLEST.

So for my New Year’s Resolution, I’m going to make self-forgiveness mandatory. I’m forgiven for not blogging in nearly three weeks. Not because there are no followers (YET!) but because I am only human, and life gets confusing and busy, and if we’re not going to cut ourself a break…who is? I’m not suggesting you crawl into bed and sleep ’til next Tuesday, wake up and eat a box of chocolates and then call work and say, “I forgive myself for playing hooky so you should too.” No, absolutely not. I’m talking about self-forgiveness versus GUILT. Get…rid…of…the…GUILT!

Guilt, like jealousy, is a terrible, icky, nasty emotion. What’s done is done. You had that big piece of chocolate cake last night after you’d already raided the bread basket and indulged in two glasses of wine. You’re body is a big machine, it can handle it. Just identify what you’re feeling…”Hmm, I ought to have skipped the bread and the rest would have been fine. Indulgent, but fine.” Identify, and redirect your path so that next time you make a moderate choice that will leave you feeling satisfied. For me, a path of walking the fragile line between over and under indulgence is the destination. The journey, however, will involve some teetering onto both sides. Nip guilt in the bud by changing your behaviors NOW. Realize that you don’t have to run a marathon today because you can take tiny jogs all throughout the week. You don’t need to eat the whole pizza tonight because you’ll have several days of leftovers (and innumerable more opportunities to eat pizza) in your future. You don’t need to berate yourself for “falling off the wagon” of your New Year’s Resolutions and skipping a day at the gym or eating a piece of chocolate. What I want for you, and for us ALL, is to be mindful in the present moment. Listen to your bodies. Stop with “good food and bad food.” Stop with pushing your body to do silly exercises it clearly hates. Find what works for you. Find what is important to you and seek it out. FORGIVE yourself and don’t treat January as a time to imprison yourselves into difficult, depriving challenges. Instead, turn over a new leaf every month, or every day for that matter! Constantly adjust your path. Constantly check in with it is that you truly want, that you truly need.

The only thing constant in life is change. That quote has always given me the heebie jeebies, and in the several days of 2012 it has proven true. Please forgive yourselves for whatever it is that has caused guilt to nag at you. Let it go. Change it so that next time the guilt will not get an invitation to your party. Be calm, be mindful and be well.
Happy New Year.


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