I Simply Cannot Say This Enough


When you feel the onset of any type of bug, be it cold, flue or cough, please try my most favorite home remedy. Over summer I was suffering from a terrible bout with bronchitis. I was told by a dear friend that as soothing as honey may be in tea, once it’s heated it loses its medicinal properties. A spoonful of room temperature honey, however, is ridden with helpful medicinal properties. Like a natural antibiotic! A few weeks ago I sensed a cold coming on, so I began my morning and evneing spoonfuls of honey. Three days later I was left with nothing but wintery sniffles. Granted, some colds might run their course that speedily, but I’m always taken down by a cold for at least a week. This was miraculous. I attribute my fast recovery to the honey. Check it out.


One thought on “I Simply Cannot Say This Enough

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