Letting Go of the Little Things

I’m sincerely concerned with how easily I get worked up by the smallest offenses. For instance, passive-aggressive behavior just about sends me into anxiety overload. I am not an angry person, but repetitive behaviors of passive-aggression just make me boil over. How do I avoid the surge of cortisol that I suffer each time this occurs then? Because these offenses are simply OUT of my control. That is what goads us most, I think; the fact that we are utterly helpless to the treatment, and with my personal oversensitivity to it making me a bright red target, is what makes it so detrimental. I’m a sitting duck, to be honest. My heatedly emotional reactions seem to perpetuate the harassment (and I call it harassment because passive-aggressive people sometimes don’t mean to be redundant in their hurtfulness; others are acting with total intention).
So, what to do? Should I keep fighting, and thus let the passive-aggressive person in my life continue to make me crazy with rage, or should I refuse the rage altogether? I am not a person who has ever really had “rage” in my vocabulary. Until I identified my allergy to passive-aggression. To people’s snide comments, or silent treatment for that matter, and all the purposeful facial expressions, tone of voice and prodding actions are triggers.

I guess my resolution in this case is going to have to be confrontation (which is my kryptonite, by the way). In the meantime, breathing through the anguished images of what this confrontation might look like is what I’ll do. That and trying to avoid dread and worry, because in the end it’s just words being spoken.

Perhaps I need to take a page out of the standard easy going person’s handbook. There should be one of those.

Peace 🙂


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