How does one learn to dissociate emotional suffering from physical suffering, one might ask.

I don’t mean, does feeling sad make a bruise appear on your knee, obviously. What I’m referring to is that deep, throbbing ache in your chest, the constricted feeling and tightness of the airways. These physical ailments seem to come with a broken heart, I’m learning. I literally had to reach back and unhook my bra today while driving on the freeway incase it was the culprit to the dizzying feeling of not being able to take a full breath. It was not the bra, as you may have guessed. It was the emotional wave of pain surging in my heart. It comes and goes, is up and down. Quite literally a physical roller coaster. Have you ever noticed, when experiencing heartbreak, that sometimes the ups and downs are so rapid that you go to cry and tears haven’t even been summoned before the splitting pain ceases? That has been happening to me also.

So, how does one cope with the coming and going, the up and the down?
I have yoga, thank goodness…a journal…a phenomenal mother, and girlfriends…and dreams of a future full of joy and happiness.

So I suppose, after coming full circle on this post, the answer is that there is no way to really dissociate the two types of suffering. They are, in fact, one single suffering. Breathing, coping and envisioning the positive outcome is all you can really do. Namaste.



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