Let’s Get Real

Okay I’m about to divulge one of my guilty pleasures…

wait for it,

THE BACHELOR. Let’s get real, as in reality TV.

Not typically my thing, to be perfectly honest, I think the vast majority of reality TV is a waste of time and ordinary people’s sorry attempts at achieving fame. The Bachelor, however, is a complete and utter guilty pleasure.

There is no shortage of emotion and it frankly can often serve as a solid reminder of what I wouldn’t want to be (head over heels in love with a perfect stranger, to spell it out). It’s sad that many of these women are so desperately looking for “love” in any form, in any man, at any moment. Reduced to sobbing and tears upon being sent home, devastated over feelings they had for this guy who they probably only spent a realistic 45 minutes with one on one the entire time. It’s sad, but also totally understandable; these ladies having a lot of time on their hands each day and a person can easily be built up by the mind when the stakes are high and competition is abundant.

I digress.

The entire point of this post, aside from giving a shout out to the two hour ABC time slot that makes my Monday nights something to look forward to, is to bring up Kacie Boguskie. She is better known as “Kacie B.” on the show, and she is by far the most down-to-earth, sweet, genuine soul on the show.

This evening’s episode featured a one-on-one date with Kacie B. and Ben (who I personally feel are the only two who truly click and seem to “fit”). Kacie opened up over dinner about a struggle she overcame as a teenager and, during her pause, I knew what was coming. Kacie proceeded to admit she struggled with an eating disorder in high school, both bulemia and anorexia (very common to suffer from both) and that overcoming that battle has made her who she is today.

Kacie B. is most certainly not the only one, and I can say this from experience.

I wholeheartedly admire her for opening up about this disease that is widespread and under-acknowledged. Firstly, this is a personal piece of information that was entirely hers to disclose, or to keep private. A battle scar such as a past eating disorder is not something many of us want to share because we fear future judgement or expectations for us to be continually “weird” around food. What we desire is quite the contrary, to admit to this and have it be a purple heart of sorts, a signal that we survived and overcame. There’s a lot of stigma attached to eating disorders and frankly a lot of room for misunderstanding. I admire Kacie B. for opening up about her experience because I too am who I am today because of my battle with anorexia. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and it IS something to be talked about when it comes down to explaining why one is so mature, grounded and insightful. These three qualities are often gained after coming full circle in the recovery process from an eating disorder.

Kacie B. said she loves to go to the grocery store, cook, work out, spend time with friends, and see her family. She may as well have been reciting my own personal list of favorite activities. I felt immediately kindred with her, particularly due to my moment of ESP in somehow knowing what she was going to divulge before she had even begun speaking – something in her pause, and the expression on her face was recognizable to me instantaneously. I think it’s a courageous act that she braved, admitting to her past battle on national television and to a man she is dating in such a precarious environment. I find it beautiful that I can relate so much to Kacie’s situation; I too value cooking, exercise and the pursuit of happiness to be such solid principles of my daily life in large part because of my past struggle.

I commend you, Kacie B., and am most certainly pulling for you. He would be lucky to have you!



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