Isn’t it funny how different it is to eat an apple on the core, versus apple slices? It’s a totally different experience (I realized today as I accidentally bit into the core, juice running down my fingers). Incredibly different than the other day when I sliced up a Pink Lady and sprinkled cinnamon over the slices, it almost felt indulgent, though it was the same fruit!

Then there are different types of apple. A granny smith just begs me to slice it up and plop a dollop of almond butter on the side, while a fuji goes just as well by itself as it does with a smear of goat cheese. Honeycrisps make a mouthwatering applesauce (and the skins can be eaten by themselves during this cooking process!). I suppose I’m pressing the matter of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and inspiring your taste buds in the process!


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