An Ode (or Praise Poem) That I Wrote to my Yoga Mat :-)

Ode to a Yoga Mat


Portable haven, textured shelter from chaos

unroll boldly. Ready for me, whenever I may call on you.

Magic carpet of serenity

I step onto you, sink into you

my body conversing silently

with your surface, the rise and fall of

my breath the only music to which we dance.


Bedroom, airport, lawn or beach

you’ll let me take you anyplace

unroll your length and make a quiet space

for just us two.


My mind whispers as I flow, hands

gripping you, muscles tightening.

Arcing, bending, stretching

to an edge. The physical delight of a new pose is

euphoric, a moment I share with no one but you.

Letting my body fall, and surrender

energy trickling from my limbs,


I press into you. A cascade of windless

energy arrives, one only you can understand.

I inhale my earned tranquility…

before stepping off of you, and back into the

mayhem of reality. In my armor of calm

I carry the promise of another yogic escape tomorrow.


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