Just plain Karma… KONY2012


I want to use every single social platform I have to share this video and spread the word about the inconceivable crimes that have been committed by Joseph Kony for decades.

Who is Joseph Kony???
Watch this video. See his face, hear his name and SPREAD it, make him FAMOUS “not to celebrate him, but to bring his CRIMES to light.”

The goal is to have Joseph Kony captured and arrested THIS YEAR, 2012, while Obama’s support and deployment of U.S. advisors remain active. While we have the attention of the U.S. government. There is no more time to waste! 30,000 Ugandan children have been ABDUCTED from their homes, forced to MURDER THEIR OWN PARENTS, turned into sex slaves and gun-slinging soldiers, been made to mutilate the faces of others and brutally murder. These are CHILDREN. “Where you live shouldn’t determine whether you live.”




Please, watch this, please take a moment and be enlightened: what else are were here for, on this planet, on this earth, if not to protect our fellow human beings??? Let’s use our VOICES and make this CHANGE!


After you’re finished watching it please sign the petition at KONY2012.COM



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