It’s pretty in…

It’s pretty incredible how a pair of running shoes can make you so incredibly happy. Not to say a pair of shoes can transform an experience (although this female can certainly bashfully agree with that statement in several cases!) but they can truly alter one’s perspective on an activity. My last pair of “gym shoes” were awesome, and still are, but my personal routine is to wear the shoes ’til they have assumedly reached their “mileage limit” and then turn them into my outdoorsy hiking shoes. Then I invest in a new pair. Having been a Payless Shoe Source gal as a kid, it still kidn of shocks me the amount of money I will put into a pair of good running shoes. Particularly considering I am not a “runner.” I find with these personalized Nike Frees (yes, I said personalized, my inner princess reared her head upon ordering and insisted I have my nickname scrawled across the shoes’ tongue and manufactured in colors of my choosing, oopsies) that the moment I put them on I have a hop in my step. I’m a self-professed “non-gym-goer” after six years working in a health club, followed by several years with various gym memberships. I had found I was dragging myself out to the car, sitting in traffic to get to the gym, and then mindlessly watching time tick by as I sweated on a stair master or jogged on a treadmill, and then monotonously went through my weight routine. Effective? Yeah. Enjoyable? HARDLY. I was like, why am I spending time INSIDE doing something I could really and truly be be doing back at home/in my neighborhood/on my bedroom floor (don’t lie, you’ve seen the US Weekly cover photos while standing in the grocery line of Matthew Mcconaughey jogging outside and doing pull-ups/push-ups/abs on kids jungle gyms. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw those, thinking how much better shape this individual is in compared to the “gym rat” celebrities who even work out with trainers! People who make fitness and physical activity a part of their lives are the healthiest of all. Some people adore the gym and it works for them, and I say more power to you, if that’s the case. I found the gym to be detrimental to my sensory well-being. The monochromatic color scheme, the germs crawling all over everything, the suspenseful dread of not knowing whether your favorite machine would be free or drowning underneath a middle-aged man’s attempt to seemingly burn off yesterday’s pie eating contest. 

I digress. I suppose this post is an attempt to shed light on incorporating health and fitness into our daily lives. For me, my pair of shoes greatly helped. I see them sitting there and calling to me and I WANT to pop them on and go bouncing around outside! No, I may not jog for 45 minutes, I might even power walk the entire time. But I get outdoors. When I get a burst of energy I run for a few blocks and sometimes I don’t stop until I am back up my hill – sometimes I just prance all over in my excitement, stopping to do some yoga on the park’s grassy knoll. Whatever my heart desires, I do – and you know what? My heart is pumping the whole time. Not just because I’m enjoying myself but because I’m moving my body, getting my blood flowing, getting my heart rate up. And I can tell you one thing, it’s a heck of a lot more enjoyable outside with my goofy hat, sweat and sunscreen mixing, and close to home than it is a drive away locked up in some gym. 

What’s your next pair of shoes going to look like?


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