Earth Day Gourmet

On Earth Day my best friend drove out to spend the day with me. We are self-professed “Earth Muffins” which is just basically an endearing euphemism for hippie-dippie that Meg picked up.

We spent the morning roaming my local Farmer’s Market where we gathered organic strawberries, skinny asparagus, and some local East West Gourmet Afghan Bolani sauces.

After going for a nice long walk on the bike path we returned home to prepare our feast. Pictured here is:

Quinoa, cooked with water, topped with crimini mushrooms sauteed in a very little bit of extra virgin olive oil and steamed, chopped asparagus. Atop that are the two Bolani sauces, both vegan and delightful, one is basil pesto (without cheese or nuts so very easy on the digestive system!) and the other is a yogurt based “garlic mint cheese” sauce which is light and tangy.
Beside that is our salad which consists of spinach leaves, cara cara orange, organic strawberries, a drizzle of Bolani red pepper jalapeno jelly, and some evoo/balsamic dressing with pepper and salt.

DELIGHTFUL! Super gourmet, super filling, and SUPER fresh. In our glasses is some green tea with blueberry and pomegranate, this stuff is not homemade but I will be setting out my sun tea tomorrow morning when we’re due for a bright and hot day!


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