There’s Always a Bright Side

Lately I’ve been significantly more optimistic than usual, and I would ordinarily rate myself a pretty optimistic person, so that’s saying something. I can’t put my finger on one particular event that has shifted my gears of optimism into overdrive, I can take a few wild guesses, but it doesn’t really matter now does it? What matters is that this present moment continues to be one of positive, calm, and restored spirits. How could one argue with that?

I have been “triggered” several times over the past few days – that’s my favorite word to describe that moment when someone in your life does something that pushes just the right button, whether it’s anger or OCD, and your initial reaction is to respond negatively – and somehow just felt that rise of emotion, and then it falls just like waves crashing. I would like to say it’s been a great conscious effort and a successful attempt to reign in my emotions and have control over my own feelings. Instead, as I mentioned, it’s just sort of become my natural state over the past few days. This leads me to the most important part: how do we hold onto this state of calm that so infrequently finds us and sanctifies us with its presence for any short length of time?

Now, some of you reading this might be naturally calm and unaffected folks, which is divine. I am quite emotional, however, which is not to be confused with dramatic. I crave calm, I do consider myself easygoing, yet I am a person who feels so passionately about so many things that I find myself reacting with bursting laughter, tears, soliloquies and theories to events others might just shrug and turn away from. People like me need the mellow types to surround us and draw the peaceful calm and tolerance from our being, while we offer them enchanting energy and ignite the slightest of sparks within their peaceful spirits.

I’m sounding a little “out there” to you right now, perhaps, but I’m truly intrigued by this state I’ve found and managed to remain in for several days. I have the type of mind I’ve grown up referring to as the “worry wart” brain. The term is gross and the existence of such a mindset is equally upsetting. I try constantly with my yoga practice, by taking long walks, and regularly journaling to combat the “worry wart” within me, and I’m usually quite successful. I suppose I’ve just become accustomed to my brain trying to sabotage feelings of calm with the little stresses of life that hide out in the back of my mind, like bills and obligations and things I can’t seem to figure out. While this is natural, I find my sense of calm can easily be shattered by outside concerns that have little to nothing to do with the present moment.

This morning I encountered two thoughts/events within thirty minutes of waking that threatened to burst through my pristine morning calm, and somehow I managed to meet them with “well, look at the bright side” alternatives.

This shocked me, a bit.

I don’t mean to paint a picture of myself as someone so emotional I cannot control the affect the world has on me, but surely some of you are reading this and thinking, “I am just like that too!” 

So I suppose my thoughts this morning are revolving around my appreciation for this optimistic veil that has fallen over my eyes. I admire people who can encounter a frustrating situation, or even have something negative happen to them, and while acknowledging the feelings they immediately flip the coin and acknowledge the bright side. It somehow negates the gloomy feelings with the attitude that outside events cannot chip away at a resolve that there is always a bright side.

I’ve written before about the negative affect stress and worry have on the brain, body and spirit. Whether it’s this physical reaction you wish to avoid, or this overwhelming sense of self-control in being able to maintain a positive outlook despite personal “triggers” (it is both, for me), perhaps you will be able to find the same type of unwavering calm I have discovered and share your experience.

Happy Friday to all 🙂



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