Summer Salad Time

I made this yesterday and thought the simple, yet unconventional, dressing was delish and I might as well share!

Next time you core a pineapple (I have a cool tool my Mom bought me to core a pineapple perfectly, leaving the juice behind in the pit of the core) save the juice! I poured it into a recycled jam jar and stuck it in the fridge. It is what I used to drizzle over this salad as dressing! That and a splash of red wine vinegar because I love the bite of vinegar on my salads.
Here is a photo!

The salad was a random assortment of ingredients, as I am known to take a liking to, and includes:

butter lettuce, mixed greens, baby spinach, european cucumber, yellow cherry tomatoes, avocado, bartlett pear, sundried tomatoes (with some of their own residual olive oil soak), a sprinkling of nutritional yeast and rosemary. Crazy combo but totally amazing!


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