It’s been far too long…

Eleven days to be exact and, while this is far from “far too long” in the grand scheme of things, let’s remember I have just finished COLLEGE. I should be blogging a lot more 🙂

Sooo, here I am! I have little to report other than I’m headed to evening Vinyasa Flow with my favorite instructor, I’ve asked him to a.) kick our butts and b.) work on backbends. We’ll see if my requests are honored. Regardless of whether or not we have a butt-kicking back-bending class I’m thrilled to be attending my second in-studio class in a matter of three days! I’ve grown so accustomed to my home practice that this in-person assistance is proving extra valuable for me.

Also, I remade my yoga mat cleaner. It is now distilled water, 12 drops of tea tree oil and a splash of vinegar. MUCH better. This other stuff posted below reeked of vinegar and it’s no fun to practice with your face on a mat that smells like you just ate fish and chips on it. I digress…

Another thing, remember those overnight oats I posted about? Oh good GOD are they good. I want to say that, apart from one day, I’ve made them every.single.morning since I posted about them. They’re THAT filling and awesome. I’ve tried other combos now (also with a barley, rye, oats dry slow-cook breakfast blend instead of just oats, using steel cut oats next!) with variations of honey, blackberries, blueberries, frozen banana, almond butter, pumpkin and (how could I not have though to add this earlier) pumpkin pie spice! Seriously. Addicted much? 

Lastly I’d like to share a link about the beauty of being a female (if you’re male and freaked out by girly body talk, sign off now). It talks about how we ought to slow down and honor ourselves during our cycle instead of running ourselves into the ground. It’s one week out of the month where we usually gripe about bloating, cramps, headaches, fatigue, on and on and on…instead of that why don’t you take the next, ahem…opportunity you have 🙂 and use the time to reflect. If you practice yoga, don’t push yourself through trying vinyasa or heated classes. Take restorative classes, avoid inversions, take Supta Baddha Konasan (Goddess Pose – here are instructions: often and cleanse with deep breaths and gratitude for the way your body works, and thank it for functioning properly. Fertility is a gift. Here is the wonderful article to remind us how blessed we are:


Other than that, I’m signing off and heading to yoga. I hope you all have a blessed evening. Breathe passion and manifest bliss, that’s my Tuesday motto for you! I hope it carries into many Tuesdays to come.



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