Ashley Turner & Steel Cut Overnight Oats

Just popping in to make several recommendations, as I so love to do 😛 first being:

  • Steel Cut Overnight Oats. They’re chewier, as steel cut oats reguarly are, and they require longer cooking time than slow cook old fashioned oats, so they will remain chewier and more textured even with the overnight process. I enjoy this texture, however, so if you want to give it a shot I recommend you do! My photo is of the same pumpkin, local honey and almond butter recipe that I posted before, just with steel cut oats this time.
  • Ashley Turner. Yes I’m recommending Ashley Turner to you, ha ha, she is an amazing woman but what I’m really recommending is that you look into her practice. I am an avid Kathryn Budig follower, and Ashley Turner radiates a similarly positive and uplifting energy. Her aura is just phenomenal. Also, Ashley Turner has more yoga DVDs, one of which I just finished. I enjoy all of her DVDs. They can be found on amazon for a great price, and I recommend purchasing the three “frequently bought together” DVDs Power Yoga, Yoga for Weight Loss and Yoga for Flexibility and Stress Relief :
    Now, let me just say, I am not on a weight loss quest. I am simply ENAMORED by that DVD because of the therapeutic and inspirational messages Ashley promotes throughout. I finish feeling as though I just left a soothing mind and body therapy session. It gets the muscles burning, but really just focuses your attention back on yourself and what’s truly important. It also offers the greatest guided savasana meditation I’ve ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and pick up this trio of workouts and you’ll feel your heart and mind reap as much, if not more, benefit than your body.
  • Lastly, I hope everyone has a beautiful day. Let us all strive to navigate the rest of this week with grace, harmony and balance. “No one can do the inner work for you,” as Ashley Turner says. Turn inward, what do youneed? Give yourself that today, right now. Don’t put it off. What is anything worth if you’re not at peace with yourself?Namaste

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