Respecting the Integrity of the Skin

As I chatted on the phone this morning with my best friend of fifteen years the topic of skincare came up, as it frequently does. She shares my same lifestyle of holistic wellness, yoga and a firm belief that balance is the key to happiness and health. I respect her opinions and find her wise beyond her years, thus creating the perfect atmosphere for a lifelong friendship and honest answers and guidance. I digress…my point is that we began discussing how we both use and love Bare Escentuals because it doesn’t act as a “mask.” We both agreed that, while we enjoy the flawless look of mineral powder foundation, we both put such energy into taking good care of our complexion and bodies that it seems a shame to cover up our natural glow.
This brings me to the question of make-up: why do we wear it? Most men don’t. In fact, most men probably don’t even use moisturizer, but I think those who don’t are missing out on a luxurious and beneficial self-care routine…again, I digress…natural lashes, natural skin (blemishes, freckles, discoloration and all!) should be honored, it’s YOUR face, it’s MY face. It’s who we ARE. It’s how you go to sleep at night (HOPEFULLY!!! Wash your face every night!) and how we wake up in the morning. It’s how we look when we go camping, when we’re ill, when we’re stripped down to our barest forms of “us.”

I like to go bare-faced these days 99% of the time. A little mineral mascara and lip balm (with daily spf, obviously) is my go-to face. My OWN face. Now that’s not to say I’m anti-make-up at ALL. I love being girly! I have plenty of make-up. Am I good at applying it? No. Do I use even half of it before the expiration date rolls around? No. But whatever. Those girls who wear make-up everyday, if it makes them happy, GOOD! They are respecting the integrity of their true joy, if it makes you feel good then do it! My problem was I felt I was wearing a mask, albeit an all-natural loose powder mask, ha ha. Regardless, it made me feel like I was being dishonest to the face I’ve worn all through my childhood. The one with freckles, a little chicken pox scar, the rosiness that naturally arrives when I’m running late to work.

I have decided to not think in black and white. Meaning, I’m not anti or pro make-up (nor am I anti or pro most things, save the really important matters in life). I am neutral. But I do want to share two products that I think urge one to tuck away the foundation and show their REAL face to the world. See the photo below 🙂

Lastly, I will leave you with an awesome quote that was pretty much the only thing I loved from that big blockbuster film last year Hanna:

“I don’t [wear make-up]. I think it’s dishonest. This is my face. Take it or leave it.”


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