Okay, I have a confession…

I’m not a juice drinker. I never really have been, except for when I was little I guess. I liked my apple juice, drank OJ when I had a cold, had the occasional strong hankering for cranberry juice, whatever. I’ve just not been a juice drinker since my teens or any of my adult life. I just prefer to drink water, coffee, tea, sometimes smoothies, you get it…

Well, I have a confession…I was reading about Liv Tyler the other night and how we have the same birthday (way too cool for me to even get into right now) and, low and behold, the next topic of the article was her porcelain complexion. According to the MindBodyGreen article (my new favorite website, btw, which is now definitely set as my web browser homepage!), Liv admits fresh cucumber juice is one of the secrets to her fresh, glowing skin.

I have to disagree Liv, I think that’s genetics. You’re gorgeous by birthright, but I’m sure the cucumber helps…

And I do very much appreciate the awesome tip of how to gain some extra nutritious hydration, from the inside out. So today I picked up a new juice that we have at Whole Foods by Evolution. It had spinach, celery, cucumber, and maybe lime? It definitely was green, watery, and (to my tastes) quite delicious! I felt super hydrated and even a little full afterwards, liquid will do that though.

While I enjoyed my juice very much, I couldn’t help but immediately think, “I would NEVER go on a juice cleanse.” Not because the juice wasn’t delicious or because I don’t want glowing skin…I do want glowing skin, obviously, and this is actually finally a juice that’s up my alley! I think what I don’t care for about juices is how terribly sweet they are. They give me that sore, puckering sensation in my mouth from too much sugar – and it’s normally a ton of added sugar, mind you, which is just a big no-no in the realm of healthy living, let’s be real.

I am excited to have found a low sugar, high nutrient, not sweet, super refreshing, incredibly hydrating juice to occasionally add to my well-balanced, healthy diet. But would I go on a juice cleanse? HECK to the no.
Why, you ask? Simply stated, we as human beings are not meant to subsist on juice, for any length of time. I find the idea is a trendy fad and totally bonkers. Plus I’m really attached to chewing.

Let the Huffington Post explain what I’m trying to say in less of a “Hi, I’m 5” manner:


All that being said, I think it’d be cool to buy a juicer (because, honestly, I’m not interested in ever spending $5.49 on a green juice ever again, no matter how delicious today’s cucumber celery lime juice concoction was and how great it made me feel, a salad buried in cucumber could do the same). I’d juice low sugar veggies with skin on to maintain the fiber if I had a juicer. But, again, let’s be real, as a non-juice drinker I’d probably only drink one glass a week if that. And that does not a juicer price tag justify.

So, in the end, I liked my juice today. Juice fasts are horrid ideas in my opinion, I’d never do one. I could buy a juicer and make cucumber juice at home…OR I could just buy a ton of organic cucumbers and eat them all up! Om nom nom. I think the latter is fine by me.

Thanks for the tip, Liv 🙂


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