“Doing what you love leads you to happiness and good health. Activities that make you feel free, connected, calm and capable reinforce habits that keep creating the same feelings. Activities that make you feel anxious, stressed, and not good enough also lead to reinforcing habits. The activity itself doesn’t matter. What matters is how you feel about it. How you practice is most important.”



This is a great article on why pounding the pavement (or yoga mat, or bicycle pedals) will not help you achieve your fitness goals. Exercise is excellent for you, but not when it’s a forced punishment post overeating, unenjoyable, physically stressful, negative energy vicious cycle. Several things are addressed in this article, my favorite being the quote I put in the title. My second favorite being “you are what you eat.” This is undeniably true. Her truth-based approach to the harsh reality that no matter how hard one might exercise, the burn and exertion is no match for the damage one can cause consuming (and overindulging in) food and drink. Exercise ought not be done to burn calories eaten, but rather to rev energy and boost the desire for wholesome fuel. “How you live has to do with weight loss,” not what you do, Stiles says. And for those, like myself, not striving for weight loss but rather the maintenance of a healthy, balanced, and fit physical being, the rules are all the same. They’re the same, and they’re simple. Give this article a read if you are tired of the rat race and want to gain a little more insight in how to live a calmer, more healthful life.


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