Eyes Open, Heart Open and Chakra Meditation

First and foremost, my apologies for the lapse in time between blog posts. I was knocked down awfully hard by a series of illnesses. Flu turned cold turned cough turned sinus infection…and all whilst trying to manage a full week of work, attend a benefit Yogathon (which I missed), and celebrate my birthday and the 4th of July! No reason to boohoo, I was able to mellow out with family while healing, and for that I am especially grateful. My 24th birthday was calm and rather serene, albeit flanked by tissue boxes, and I spent it with only those closest to me. Not doing my annual “Princess Act” was actually quite refreshing 🙂 I digress, before anyone takes that comment as an indication of how next year will go down… 

Now what’s really on my mind this morning is this: it seems to me that the Universe has been unveiling notions, opportunities and signs at just the perfect moment lately. By “the perfect moment” I mean in a brief instant where, if not for having my eyes open and my heart open, I’d have missed it. The concept, chance or omen would have floated past with me none the wiser. That being said, I’ve been far more grateful lately for my receptiveness and openness, even though it sometimes makes me feel raw and vulnerable. 

On a less deep and intense note is this example I’m about to give. I was on my favorite website MindBodyGreen.com last night when an article popped up entitled “Simple Meditation for Awesome Sleep” by Jennifer White. I had just come off of one of those terrible nights of sleep, the kind Jennifer references in her article, where I’d tossed and turned and not been able to drift off. So I read the piece a few times, really gaining a sense of the meditation’s sequence in my mind. I practiced my “before-bed” yoga postures (forward bends, mostly, as well as simple twist and half fish) and then slipped into bed. I practiced some Ujai pranayama before beginning the meditation (Jennifer’s amazeballs article can be found here: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-4852/Simple-Meditation-for-Awesome-Sleep.html).

Let me just tell you…I fell asleep at orange. I was so excited to get to green too!!! Evidently my chakras were feeling totally neglected because the bright red traveling up to the base of my spine knocked me out hard. I slept blissfully through the night, with deep and meaningful dreams, and woke feeling rested and rejuvenated. I somehow know that the Universe placed me in front of the computer just to find Jennifer’s article. Just as I have been led past other perfect concepts and opportunities in the past few days, I benefited from reading this article at just the right moment. I urge you to check it out, whether or not you slept well last night, it’s a beautiful way to connect with one’s own body before drifting off into the sacred space of sleep.

Now I’m off for a day of rock climbing and adventure, and ending with Jivamukti yoga, my new favorite! May you all have a peaceful, positive day filled with radiating warmth, and may you have open eyes and an open heart to receive all the Universe has to offer you.




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