Skin: Our Largest Organ

A while back I posted a little spiel on skincare, and this is a follow-up. I’ve always gravitated towards a more natural face, but I’ve only really delved into skincare in my early twenties. I have a short list of favorites and, in the quest to “simplify” I’ve begun using Avalon Organics. I have picked up their moisturizer, facial serum and eye creme (I was convinced to splurge on all three because of a coupon, sale price and discount…literally getting me about 75% off…). I’ve been using them for about two weeks now and I’ve never seen my skin look so happy, vibrant and clear. I always believed that putting an organic product on one’s skin is important because the skin absorbs everything placed on its surface, therefore ingesting whatever toxic chemicals are swimming around in the make-up or moisturizer. I just could never find an organic brand that didn’t make me break out! I’m using the Vitamin C line of Avalon Organics and I find that, for my 24-year old skin, it is an absolute match made in heaven. I’m using the oil-free moisturizer (don’t get me wrong, certain skin types FLOURISH when oil is used on the face, but I’m just not that person), the Vitamin C serum and the revitalizing eye creme. It’s the perfect routine, I’ve found, and my skin seems to be giving me the thumbs up.

Now, if any of y’all are interested in giving the Avalon Organics brand a go, I’ll begin by saying they’re much more affordable than a lot of other organic brands on the shelf. You can pick up their products at most Whole Foods Markets, and for the remainder of July and most of August there will be an active $4.00 off coupon for the product in the coupon book provided within every Whole Foods (yes, Whole Foods has coupons!!!). 

I’ve attached a photo of the three products I’m talking about, incase you want to pick them up, and while I’m at it I’ll say…that Lomi Lomi body oil in the background is amazeballs! I use it on my hands, torso and decollete every night! It smells like Hawaiian bliss and is manufactured in one of my “heaven on earth” locations: Carmel, California.

Happy happy skin, my lovely yogis!


Namaste, make this a beautiful day.


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