May We Focus, This August, on Planting Seeds of Freedom and Letting Tension Fall Away

This is the calendar quote for August, it sits in the sky awaiting a beautiful sunrise over an undulating desert scene. 

“Self-esteem doesn’t just arise from the material world. It also means finding worth in your intuitive bond to a higher power, the growth of your goodness and the deepening of your soul. It’s being spiritually mature enough to know the merit of vanquishing negativity with love, which makes tenderness possible between us.”





Last night in Jivamukti, I was blessed to encounter the divine healer Dolly again. She is the only instructor I’ve ever practiced Jivamukti with, and I fear I will possibly be intensely biased towards her teaching. Never say never, though. I am intoxicated by this style of yoga so I will welcome it into my life and heart in every way possible.


Last night the topic for August was planting seeds of freedom instead of seeds of tension. Being able to walk away from a tense situation, even perhaps walking away from the need to be “right” in order to free oneself. Whether it’s something as small as, “How to do the dishes, or something larger than us like government spending,” Dolly explained in a soothing, rhythmic tone, “let go of the tension. Free yourself from it. Be free.” 

This, my friends, is a concept that my heart latched onto like a baby clinging to her Momma. Seriously. I will carry around the bubbling heat of tension for days. I feel it causing my fingers to tremble, I feel it aching in my belly. I need to let myself be free. From tension and stress in every corner of my life. The corners that I control and the corners that I don’t. BE FREE. Let’s dedicate ourselves to freeing our hearts, minds and bodies this August. It’s going to be my midsummer night’s dream.


On a different topic, sleeping on that concept and waking up to a green shake has made me a happy little camper! 



Checking out my new book, Tara Stiles’ Yoga Cures, before embarking on my own practice today.

Does anyone else have any profound affirmations to carry into August? Do tell 🙂


Blessings, sweet souls. 


12 thoughts on “May We Focus, This August, on Planting Seeds of Freedom and Letting Tension Fall Away


  2. Hi – do you ever get the “carb cravings” after drinking green shakes? I’m wondering if you’ve ever encountered this and know of a solution I may try. I do drink my shakes quite slowly 🙂 Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Coleen!
      I will be the first to admit that a smoothie rarely fills me up for as long as, say, overnight oats:

      I have begun adding the bit of rolled oats to my shakes though, which helps in maintaining my fullness. Ideally, you want your shake ot be a meal if you’re having it for breakfast. That being said, you need to make sure and incorporate three things:
      1.) Carbohydrates (cue the oats!),
      2.) Healthy fat (nut butter, chia seeds, coconut oil, avocado, whatever healthy fat you choose),
      3.) Protein (protein powder is great in combination with FAGE greek yogurt).

      As for craving carbs, particularly, after drinking green shakes, all I can think of is that your smoothies must not be hearty enough. I always get hungry about 3 hours after a meal, and am used to having a little something to eat again at that time. I don’t crave carbs, particularly, though. I love to make a tub of quinoa or steel cut oats, though, and have a little scoop as a midmorning snack with almond milk and dates (another “breakfast-like” mini-meal to satisfy your urge to have chewed at breakfast, ha ha). I do suggest you try the overnight oats though! Very, very filling 🙂

      • Thank you so much! Do you put the jar of oats in the fridge overnight or just leave it on the counter?

  3. Thanks for this great nutritional shake too. I like simple shakes like banana and almond milk or fresh papaya /pineapple/watermelon juice but I can see I need to add a few more ingredients!

    • You’re welcome, Naomi! I love simple shakes too, for snacks, but if my shake is going to serve a meal this girl needs some sustenance 🙂 it’s fun to get creative! Oooh papaya…mmm thanks for the inspiration 🙂 I make a chocolate cherry shake too…it’s like…nutritional goodness disguised as dessert.

      • That sounds fantastic! Chocolate cherry shake hmmm , whats in that? Im new to this site so discovering all these wonderful things. Thanks again.

      • Frozen unsweetened cherries, unsweetened cocoa powder, almond milk, 1tbsp chia seeds, a teaspoon of honey and even some frozen raspberries or something! 🙂 Yay I’m glad you’re enjoying the healthy goodness.

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