My First Time Roasting Beets

Let’s chalk this one up to a success! I was delighted by the bright, powerful sweetness of the red beets and the almost nutty, milder flavor of the gold ones. Have y’all ever roasted beets? Baked them? Or are you just familiar with the ones from a can? Well, if you love beets (and the boatload of nutrients they deliver!) check out my little recipe below, or even go so far as to get the in-depth version from the Whole Foods Market database:

Here’s what I did with my two Choggia Beets and one Gold Beet:

I wrapped each cleaned and scrubbed beet in foil and roasted them in the oven for an hour at 375˚, checking their tenderness with a fork every 20 minutes. 

I was mindful to not splatter the brilliantly gorgeous, and yet powerful staining agent that is red beet juice! 

I diced two vine ripe tomatoes and stemmed my remaining handful of cherry tomatoes and mixed them in a dish.

I diced one of the red beets and the gold (reserving the third red beet for an ambitious smoothie recipe tomorrow!) and added them to the tomatoes.

I then drizzled balsamic over the mixture, followed by a hearty squeeze of fresh lemon juice, finished with sea salt and pepper.

Let me tell you…my taste buds were DELIGHTED 🙂


Remember, a colorful plate makes for a happy body!



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