Sun Salutations: Moving Meditation

Do you ever feel you’re too antsy a person to sit and meditate? I used to. I still sometimes feel that way. I have adapted my meditation routine to suit myself, as I’ve talked about before, and oftentimes find Savasana to be the most inviting way for me to meditate. I look forward to walking meditation next time I’m in a wilderness setting.

That brought me to the notion of Sun Salutations, Surya Namaskara A and B. Why not practice these heat-inducing flows as moving meditation? They are repetitive, after all, and we know what is coming next. Why not use this to our meditative advantage?

Here’s my idea. I’ve been looking into the primary series of Ashtanga and hope to break into it once my knees stop feeling so sensitive. I found this incredibly helpful chart (though I do not recommend trying to teach oneself Ashtanga yoga, I think it’s just helpful to have a visual idea of what to expect when beginning a new style of practice) if you are unfamiliar with Sun Salutes A and B, they’re in the top two rows:



Let’s begin this way. Whatever time of day it is that you feel drawn to your moving meditation, let your intuition be your guide, and reach for your mat. Quiet the room and your mind. If it’s evening, I love to light a candle and let in some fresh air from the outdoors.

Begin in Tadasana. Bring your hands to the heart. Set an intention for your meditation: to quiet the mind, to still the mind, to move the body. Or whatever feels right to you. To align breath with movement and dedicate the mind to Surya Namaskaras and nothing else. “Om” is a helpful mantra to keep focused.

Whether you choose to repeat both Sun Salutes A and B, or just choose one, dedicate yourself to the repetition of that. Move ON the breath, move slowly, move mindfully. Whether the mind is quiet, or chanting “Om” or focusing on a mantra of your choosing, make this moving meditation yours.

Hold poses within the sun salute when your body calls you to. I like to hold down dog, really engaging my serratus muscles, pedaling the feet, breathing deeplyRemember to elongate the exhales. Gather serenity and peace of mind by detaching from what comes next. Let your body move gracefully through the poses. Choose whichever series comes most naturally and comfortably to your body. Drop into child’s pose if you grow tired, or Savasana if you sink deep enough into your meditative state that moving threatens to disrupt the stillness.
We are responsible for our own wellness and are the only ones who can provide inner stillness. Take time for yourself. Take time to nourish the soul and the deepest pockets of your own being.
See if this Moving Meditation calls to you, and leave your comments below. Most of all, may you find peace in this day.



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