“Thoughts Become Things”

I have a very dedicated yoga practice, and so when I developed some inner knee pain a few weeks ago, I immediately tensed up emotionally and began to panic that my practice, lifestyle and comfort would all become hindered.

That being said, are you at all surprised that over the weeks the pain has increased? I’m not, in retrospect. I’ve been sending my achey knees nothing but feelings of angst, stress and impatience! How am I supposed to manifest my own healing if I’m too busy worrying over the issue?

(Disclaimer: I saw a doctor and was diagnosed with Patellofemural Syndrome. An easy fix, when referring to knee issues.)

This brings me to the notion that “thoughts become things.” I am a fan of the book and documentary The Secret and  have adapted my own interpretation of the message to fit my lifestyle and mindset. I believe it’s true that the more stress and fear we allow into our body, the more negativity we draw to our lives. While I realize events occur spontaneously out in the world, I also believe in magnetic thoughts. For instance, consider the placebo effect. I’ve read about a plethora of instances where, in scientific studies, one group of people are given a sugar pill and told it’s medication. It never fails to astound me how many of these individuals end up healed, without the actual medication! They are prime examples of the mind’s healing capacity! As in every single case, there are exceptions, but I think it’s a very powerful notion to consider.

So, if one’s thoughts have the capability to heal malady, why would these thoughts not be just as powerful when focusing negative energy on the body? If I’m carrying around a foreboding sensation regarding my sore knees, it’s not certain that my knee issues will worsen, but it’s far more likely that the negative energy will result in more discomfort rather than a miraculous disappearance of the pain.

I have a low pain tolerance, for one. Very low. I also have an incredibly obsessive nature. The pairing of those two qualities makes for a very infantile injured or sick being. I’m not able to stop googling knee pain remedies, helpful yoga poses, and ways to protect the knees. I have no idea what exactly brought this on, I had no moment of injury in which I went, “Oh OW, that hurt, something’s wrong…” but rather developed the inner knee pain on both sides over the course of several weeks, with the right knee taking the lead in terms of pain level. Because of that, I’ve continued to analyze every single possible cause, and google each one individually. I’ve carried around a pit in my stomach over the pain. I’ve been doused in envy and sadness at every image of a yogi in Lotus or even Mermaid, my most favorite pose. It all seems so clear now, though, how could I have allowed myself to harbor so much malaise over this for the past two weeks?

I’ve ready so many inspirational stories on MindBodyGreen about incredible human beings being diagnosed with cancer, disease, suffering devastating physical injury…and then proceeding to heal themselves with positive thoughts and actions. I am blessed, to say the least, that I have my health and wellness. I am able to walk. I am able to practice yoga. I am simply suffering from discomfort that I am choosing to obsess over, whine about, and blow way out of proportion. Not to sound self-deprecating but seriously, there are real tragedies going on all over the world. I really ought to take a moment to feel gratitude and let go of the worry!

So this is what I’m going to do:

  • Immediately turn my mindset around and focus on healing, positive, calming thoughts. Anytime the angst and worry creep in I will quiet them with a mantra. Ooh, perhaps even a self-fulfilling prophecy! Yes, I like that. I will recite a self-fulfilling prophecy to myself and manifest ultimate wellness and healing within my own body.
  • Stop obsessing. Or funnel that obsessive nature towards my cleaning products and vacuum instead of my knees 😉
  • Practice mindful asana. The moving mediation I posted about yesterday calmed me into a whole new version of myself, shortly after the post went live. I intend to lead myself through another version of the Surya Namaskara moving meditation this evening. I find it very important to leave my ego off the mat and to listen intently to my own body, modifying as necessary and refusing to go into postures that threaten the healing of my knee(s).
  • Send myself love and light. Because why shouldn’t I? All day long, my friends, send yourself light and love. Keep it comin’.
  • Stretch. A lot! Stretch after asana. Stretch before bed. Keep the muscles surrounding the sensitive knee area, that I’ve been so gentle with, from tightening up. Keep the knee joint lubricated, which will in turn keep the knee happy.
  • Practice GRATITUDE. I will ruminate on the abundance of blessings and emanate gratitude for all that I am fortunate to have in my life.

It’s so very important to remember the power our thoughts have on our own minds, our bodies, our souls, and the rest of the world. We are the only ones who can control these thoughts. We create the interior of our being, let us make it a beautiful, healthy, balanced place to be. It’s only natural that our exteriors will follow suit.



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