Some Thoughts

I just read an awesome article on MindBodyGreen this morning (but let’s face it, what article on ISN’T awesome?!) and it got me thinking…

What’s with all the healthy lifestyle guilt?

I know I’ve been called a food snob my fair share, and it never really bothers me. I own my likes and I own my dislikes. It used to really bother me, though. I’d feel defensive, abnormal, unbalanced. Now that I’ve grown up a bit (and that growing is a constant process, as we all know) I am proud of the balanced quest for wellness I have designed. I eat very close to nature, and my body thanks me with copious energy, joy and health. I do yoga, and my ailments seem to melt away. I meditate, journal and reflect, and my gratitude radiates from my being. That’s my quest, the path that I walk, and I believe in finding one’s own path and staying true to it.

That being said, I don’t consider myself ANY better or worse than a person who drinks beer and eats cheese. Even a person who shops for items I’d never dream of consuming, they are on that path for a reason, and it makes them happy. I wish wellness upon everybody, and I feel I’ve devised a great formula for finding it, but I simply cannot push my views and likes upon another human being. Perhaps someone who eats a heavily processed diet spends top dollar on medicine when they get sick to heal themselves. I choose to eat a plant-based diet that I believe will act as preventative “medicine.” We are all different. No one is a food sinner while the other a saint.

So I’d like to take a stab at why we call someone a “food snob” in our society. I personally think of a “food snob” as someone who critiques 5-star restaurants, irritatingly sniffing the ’99 Cab and being rude to the waiter…I feel like I got that from a film or something, or perhaps an actual dining out experience…not a “granola girl” as Danielle calls it in her MindBodyGreen article. I think eating health food is awesome if you love it! I love it! I’m not snobby about it. Some people will be, but that’s how the world is, and we ought not generalize an entire, massive group of people based on just a few, right? 🙂

So don’t feel bad about your healthy lifestyle. Don’t feel bad about changing food orders to suit your likes and preferences. Don’t feel bad about eating a little differently than others in social gatherings. Your body and health are in your hands, no one else’s. As long as you are nourishing yourself adequately, not stuffing nor starving your body, and loving the heck out of your life, you’re doing it right!

Keep on keepin’ on, Body Image Warriors. 



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