Happy Sunday Body Image Warriors!

I have a short thought to share, and an image to carry with you this Sunday.

Yesterday I felt more “in control” of my day than I’d ever felt before (particularly considering the industry I’m in). I simply chose light. I chose positivity. I chose to set my disposition early on and I set that sankalpa (http://www.yogajournal.com/lifestyle/1526/) with such fervor and determination that it was unshakeable throughout the day. No I’m not trying to toot my own horn and no I’m not saying that every single day has to provide an abundance of joy, if every single day did then the light would not differ so vastly from the darkness. I’m simply suggesting that one have faith in one’s own resolve. The power of the mind is in your hands and your hands alone. You’re the only one able to turn the gears and operate your beautiful mechanism of mind, body and soul. I found that in my steadfast determination to spread joy yesterday (in a tranquil manner, of course, not an “EVERYONE BE HAPPY DAMN IT!!!!! forceful manner), my mission proved fruitful. I shared many smiles with many strangers and laughed more than I usually do. The potency of my good mood was intoxicating, even to myself. So I urge you to set whatever mood you feel is appropriate for the day and follow it shamelessly. If it’s a quiet mood, be true to it. If it’s a delightful mood, go there. If it’s a curious mood, investigate that. Be you, be you as wholly and completely as you can, because it’s the role you were born to play.






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