Friday Night Dessert/Antioxidant-Fest!

Okay, so for those of you who know me, you know I love the following things:

1.) Nutrition

2.) Chocolate

3.) Feel-Good Foods

I’m a nutrition nut, if you read my blog then you know this; I love chocolate, the darker the better, yummy yum yummers; and I believe that, to best serve one’s own body, food should make one feel good and not weighed down, ill, icky or guilty. 

That being said, I’ve created another dairy free “ice cream” this evening.

In the interest of dedicating myself to “feel-good foods” gave up dairy (apart from protein-rich greek yogurt, whose probiotics counter the digestion-irritating lactose properties) not because I’m violently lactose-intolerant, but rather because my body has not properly digested dairy products for years now. Why fight what your body is asking for? I make sure to get ample calcium and protein and enjoy almond milk, greek yogurt, and sheep/goats milk products on occasion.

I’ve already posted a very similar “ice cream” recipe, but added this one because it’s a little bit different in nature. This concoction had frozen dark cherries, one frozen banana, unsweetened cocoa powder, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla extract, almond butter (about one tablespoon or so I suspect, the remainder of the jar I had in the fridge) and almond milk. The addition of spice and almond butter somehow gave this dessert a whole new twist and I figured I just had to share. Happy Friday, friends!



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