Individuality and Degrees of Separation

The world is brimming with wildly unique individuals, and that is a truth devoid of exception. I am uniquely me, as you are uniquely you, and we could never be the other. I feel as though I have a pretty good idea of what I like and dislike, believe and detest, am passionate about and indifferent towards…yet I still find myself recognizing and admiring contrasting elements in my fellow human beings on a daily basis.

It’s a confusingly simple concept to me, that of individuality. I’ve always been one to admire and even mimic others, adapting qualities and behaviors that I commend to suit my own individual Self. As much as I scavenge my fellow beings for new and improved ideas, looks and answers, I continue to cultivate my own deeply distinctive traits. This occurs both consciously and unconsciously, day in and day out, in all of us. This is the nature of being human. We look to one another for fresh, satisfying concepts to adopt, and the change is cyclical. We are all connected. Six degrees of separation.

I get to thinking about this sometimes, particularly after days spent in San Francisco. The exhibition of individualism is intoxicating. I feel alive in my own skin, deeply curious, and powerfully, profoundly mySelf.

I also feel inspired by this notion as Autumn, my favorite season, approaches. I adore the season for its refreshing, detoxifying, renewing, comforting essence…the boots, scarves, pumpkin spice baking, candles, Harvest wines, crisp air bike rides, fingerless gloves, knit hats, coffees and teas, seductively breezy evenings, crunchy colorful leaves, local squash, Ayurveda detoxification, afternoon skies bathed in gold and amber…I could go on and on. I’m enamored by Autumn.

While you may be wondering where I’m heading with this piece, I might surprise you by saying the direction is one of introspective foraging. Getting to know oneself better. Embracing the dichotomies within.

I thought of some simple things that I love today…yoga, writing, baseball, family, cooking, nutrition, eating and living close to nature, baking, tea, seasonal produce, wellness, sleep, meditation, long walks, riding bikes, good coffee, colorful sunsets, red wine, goat cheese, warm evenings, scented candles, pumpkin pie spice, living simply, fashion, being in love, animals, adventure, Europe, Autumn, learning, holidays, laughter, being madly in love with the life I lead…

These are all truths. My truths. Some of them even seem to clash with one another – but then I realize, they only clash if I say they clash. So, I say they don’t.

I recognize that we all have vastly unique traits swirling within us, polar opposites agreeing to exist peacefully within one body. Sometimes, this can be confusing. For instance, I occasionally feel as though I ought to give up coffee in order to be true to my desire to embrace Ayurveda and nurture my yogic lifestyle. But then I realize I love me a cup of damn good coffee. Yep, I also like an artfully placed curse word, which clashes with my “good girl” image. I sometimes feel compelled to defend my adoration of greek yogurt and goat cheese since I’m otherwise dairy-free. Then I remember, who cares? Why would I need to defend myself to anyone, particularly on such trivial matters? I know what my body likes and what it doesn’t. It’s my call. I love to bake healthful, vegan goodies, but I also swoon at the mention of chocolate truffle cake. I love European fashion, chunky boots and rich scarves; I also love traipsing around in yoga pants and moccasins. I don’t have one single “look,” in fact I have more like seven “looks.” It’s like playing adult dress-up, based on the mood I am in when I rise. I am a naturalist, but I love fine perfume. I care deeply about animal rights, but I’m not a strict vegan. I adore quality literature, but I also watch some mindless TV. I blast country music in my linen pants and Toms.

I sometimes feel like a walking contradiction, which used to bother me. I even wrote a poem about it my freshman year of college. I think it was called Vegan Cowgirl, or something like that. My coexisting polar opposite traits used to confuse me, I used to feel like I had to “choose.” Now I embrace them. I explain my ways to no one but myself. I answer to no one but myself. I have no titles apart from “Me” and “Sara” and I love it that way. I highly recommend it, too.

So, dearest friends, I urge you to look within and embrace your uniquely divine Selves! Let us say CHEERS the innumerable, differing, outstanding qualities that are alive within us!



6 thoughts on “Individuality and Degrees of Separation

    • Thank you Greta, it does to me as well! It’s something we ought to keep in mind as we continue to love, embrace and holistically admire ourselves on a daily basis. Be well, beautiful.

  1. Wow, this post really resonated with me! The fact that they are only polar opposites if you let them become that. Otherwise it is simply an array of different things that make you, uniquely you!

    • Exactly, Maddison! This idea of the “internal conflict” is one that I’ve dealt with a lot, as I mentioned, and one that I’ve let confuse me. It’s a freeing realization to view the legion of little flames burning within your soul as essential and welcome components to the recipe of YOU 🙂 be well, beautiful!

  2. Ha! Totally up my street. I am so eclectic, and so wary of commitment to one style of living…. So it’s MY style of living! Yes!!!!!! I foun dour blog via mind body green. I loved your smoothie ideas. Particularly cocoa powder. Such a good idea! But am about to make a video celebrating my love of france and wine meat ANC cheese! And tomatoes, too. In the south of France tomatoes are unbelievably lovely. X thanks

    • Hey Moyra!
      Isn’t it interesting how we feel we must “commit” to one style of living? I am fascinated by this…one would think a human being would be elated by the opportunity to live such a bursting, diverse life, but instead something within our psyche urges us to choose “one way.” We must fight this and embrace our eclectic, gorgeous Selves!
      I’m so glad you found my blog 🙂
      Yay, I’ve found another lovely individual who adores cocoa powder, health and smoothies as much as European cuisine! I’m reading Hemingway’s memoirs and every other chapter he’s drinking another bottle of fine, flavor-laden wines and munching on baguettes as he writes and I’m like, “wahh I want to be there!”
      TOMATOES ARE MY FAVORITE!!! My mom just emailed me a recipe for watermelon tomato salad. I’ll blog it once I’ve tried the recipe 🙂
      Be well sweet Moyra! x

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