Happy Wednesday!

How funny is it that our society operates, generally, with the mentality that Monday-Friday is the workweek while Saturday and Sunday are the weekend, when so many of us work unconventional schedules. While I personally think the ratio of five days working to two days off is totally imbalanced, it’s all the more reason to chase one’s own bliss and hopefully have the opportunity to make a living doing what one loves. That being said, today is my “Saturday” and for that I am so happy it’s Wednesday 😉

I’m starting the day off with a super awesome Green Shake, the recipe for which I will share with you shortly. The weather is beckoning me out into it, so I think some more introspective reflection may surface on this blog come Sunday/Thursday night in regards to what nature unveiled to me over the course of this “weekend” of mine.

I think it’s an appropriate time to adopt the mindset (perhaps it’s easier for me to do considering it is my “weekend” right now, but I’ll elaborate nonetheless…) that, what with the imbalanced schedule that most adults work, we can have a sunny outlook regardless of where we’re headed. It’s much easier said than done, I know this, but I can’t help but frown at how easy it is to be drawn into the “workweek slump.” Oftentimes I’ve found my mood to be completely based upon what day of the week it is, mentally tracing out just how many more days, hours and blocks of time I’ll have to spend working and crossing tasks off a to-do list before my glorious “empty-space” time will arrive. I watch people sitting in traffic sometimes in the late evening and picture how much more difficult it must be for someone with a long commute to cut away time for themselves during their workweek. I can’t help but feel grateful that I don’t have a commute and realize that my morning yoga practice, my evening reading and my freedom to do rather a lot outside of my work schedule would be severely hindered if a long commute were thrown into the mix. I admire folks that have to do that, and admire them even more if they manage to enjoy it. I suppose this is bordering on “rambling” if it hasn’t already delved into full on maundering. If I could wrap up one single point of this paragraph I suppose it would be this:

Chase your bliss. Do everything in your power to make a living by doing something you love. If, in the meantime, you’re not enamored by your job then turn inward and make your true home (your mindset) a stunning, sunny place to be no matter what day it is. Take the power back from the “workweek” and allow yourself to view the blocks of time that you have to yourself as free, empty space to be filled with what you desire. Let us not become slaves to a schedule. Mix it up. Wake up early and practice yoga, or go for a bike ride, or even go down to a cafe and have a coffee while watching strangers whose lives you haven’t an inkling of knowledge about. Or get off work and go see the film you’ve been wanting to see, or take a sunset hike with your dog or partner or best friend or gloriously alone. Don’t save the things you want to do for days off because they are far fewer and farther between than days we must adhere to a schedule. Take control of your life and live it fully no matter the day of the week. Be present. Don’t waste breaths and moments simply because you have to be somewhere later, or “do it all over again” in the morning. Be alive now. Have “weekend” moments sporadically throughout each day, whenever time allows. It is our choice how we design our lives 🙂

Phew, I digress…

So now, without further ado, the Green Shake Goodness of this beautiful Wednesday/Mittwoch/Mercoledi morning!


I couldn’t wait to drink some ’til after the picture hehe…so pardon the few sips missing.

Green Shake Goodness:

1 ripe kiwi, 2 handfuls spinach, 1 heaping tsp spirulina, 1 tbsp ground chia seeds, 2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder, garden of life RAW protein powder, 1.5 cups almond milk, cinnamon, and a dash of honey. Mmm, mmm, mmm good 🙂

Now, I’m off and away to spend some time with my best friend before enjoying the sunshine and seeking out a place to practice yoga this evening. I hope you are all well and blissfully present on this gorgeous Wednesday August 29th…it is, after all, the ONLY August 29, 2012 we will ever have, so let us not waste a single moment of it! 


• Namaste •




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