3 Ways to Benefit Your Complexion and the Environment Simultaneously

Most of us who belong to the MindBodyGreen community are conscious of doing what we can to protect the environment. Most of us also do what we can to nourish our own bodies from the inside out. A glowing complexion is a sure sign of a nourished body, and caring for our planet breeds simplicity, mindfulness and hope; if we can benefit our complexions and the earth in one, what’s not to love?

1.) Use natural, organic products. By using holistic skincare, far less toxicity will accumulate on the planet as byproducts of our facial care routines, and far less toxicity will negatively affect your complexion in the process. Using organic skincare products with minimal ingredients is ideal, as is using essential oils if your complexion will stand for it. Mixing up face masks at home in the food processor is one of my favorites, too. This saves economically, environmentally (as it’s chemical free) and is gentle and beneficial to the skin. A simple favorite is oatmeal, ground to a powder, with honey, yogurt and lemon juice. My rule of thumb with skincare is this: the skin is our largest organ, whatever you apply to your it you are literally soaking in…if you would be completely poisoned by ingesting the ingredients, perhaps they oughtn’t adorn your face.

2.) Turn off the water whilst washing your face. Not only does this preserve water, which is very important, but it also keeps you from feeling rushed to cleanse and rinse. By not wasting water while you massage cleanser into your skin, you will be more relaxed and dedicated to a full 45-60 seconds of cleansing. This length of time allows the cleanser to permeate the skin’s surface and actually remove dirt.

3.) Sip water all day long from a reusable canteen. You know all that water you just saved by turning off the sink? Drink it. Purify it, fill up your canteen, refill it and refill it again. Not only will you be doing the earth an immense favor by protecting it from the terrifying build-up of plastic bottles, but you will also be dousing your glowing complexion with hydration from the inside out. We are mostly comprised of water and our skin loooooves water. What good is that gentle, organic, nourishing créme going to do if the skin is not hydrated from the inside as well?

Incorporate these simple, gentle steps into your life and enjoy a healthier complexion and happier planet.



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