Are you like me in the sense that having two of your favorite yoga classes lined up for your two days off is enough to stir up magical excitement from the depths of your soul?
If I could just pop my head into the pharmaceutical/political bubble and be like, “Hey, all you need to prescribe is some awesome yoga!” I would. I don’t know if anyone would listen, but at least some would. “The Sheer Excitement of a Yoga Itinerary” is what I could call it. I might as well have taken happy pills, the way I feel by just knowing this evening and next will hold almost four hours combined of life-altering, heart-opening, mind-revolutionizing YOGA.

It’s unnerving in the very best way to know, without a doubt, that you will be a different person two days from now. The difference is varying in degrees, but we change every day, from moment to moment. We are still ourselves at the very core, the essence of what it means to be “you,” but minuscule alterations, evolutions and adaptations are at work within our being every single day. It’s a powerful and profound truth. Particularly when one has been awakened.

By being “awakened” I mean this:

Alive in the present moment. Aware of one’s surroundings. Electrified by the beauty, intangibility, potential and magnitude of “life.” Enamored by the experience of being in one’s own skin. Conscious of what it means to move, breathe, live, exist, feel, be. Cognizant of the ever-changing practice of being human.

If you’ve not already been awakened my first suggestion is this:
Go to yoga. Find a studio. Find a second studio, and a third, and a fourth. Find the blissful wisdom of human beings trained in opening the mind, the body and the spirit; whose honed techniques and knowledge will open the heart and soul to the grand potential of one’s own life and body.

My second suggestion:

Meditate. Before yoga, after yoga, or completely independent of yoga. It could be lying on your bed, sprawled on the carpet, overlooking a view, sitting on your deck, or even on your kitchen floor. Find a place that blankets you with serenity and sit in your skin. Relieve yourself of all pressure, don’t force silence on your mind, instead observe what happens to your thought processes and physical being when you remove all chaos and just sit. The mind is more an ocean of consciousness than a stream and it stills gorgeously when observed through a relaxed mind’s eye.

My third suggestion:

Be you. Be wildly and incredibly you. Express you to the world everyday through whatever means you are able. Write, photograph, dress colorfully, practice yoga, extend random acts of kindness, paint murals, sing for an audience, teach, chase your dreams, fearlessly and wholeheartedly pursue what it means to be you!

As a follow-up, rinse and repeat. And repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat forever. THIS life is yours, no one else’s, and it’s up to you to prescribe the healing, glowing, delicious activities that will make you shine.

For me, one activity is yoga. Another is writing. I’ve accomplished a great deal of writing in the first half of this stunning, cozy, cloudy day, and the latter half will be consumed by gorgeous human beings and my blissful, passionate yoga practice.

In this very moment, the one I have right now and will never have again, I am practicing awareness and gratitude. 

I hope that all of your blessed souls find awareness and gratitude in this day as well, in whatever way possible. I’d be overjoyed to hear the ways in which you’re blissing out this day, this one special day in the journey of your life, so do share if you’d like. As always, love and light to you. Let your soul take flight.



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