What Are You Doing With Your NOW?


Pondering this image, and the weighty words of wisdom (pardon the alliteration, it’s that kind of day) printed across it, has me feeling a bit entranced. Entranced by the potential of one life, yes, but more entranced by the potential of Now. Of right exactly this very instant NOW.

We all have different dreams, different passions, different paths to walk. We certainly have things in common, which are slowly unveiled to us as we forge profound human connections each day, our differences and similarities co-mingling and morphing in magical ways. I can say, with certainty, that this photo resonates with me. I also can deduce, uncertainly, that we probably share the notion of “someday.”

“The most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”

To most, including myself, abandoning the “careful” and “responsible” life for one of dream-hunting and fearless, bliss-chasing can seem like a huge gamble.

After seeing this image today, the alternative sounds like far more of a risk to me.

I’m not suggesting we all quit our jobs, sell our belongings and set out on a path of spiritual healing (though I’m definitely suggesting some do this, it is a blissful calling!). I’m simply identifying a truth that lies within me, and may very well lie within you too.

The truth for me is this: as human beings in modern society we have become adept at awarding our dreams the title of “someday.” Of assuring ourselves that all the blissful experiences we want to have and accomplishments we seek will happen, “someday.” We wait around, believing fiercely, that these divine gifts will find us. To an extent, gifts do find us. I trust in the cyclical nature of the Universe. What you put out, you will in turn receive. Positive energy for positive energy. But that requires doing, it requires going, it requires manifesting.

You know that comfort zone? The spot that is so warm and cozy and familiar? It will keep “someday” from ever being yours. The outskirts of that comfort zone are like the waters of an ocean, unfamiliar and shocking at first, but once acclimated you will feel more at home and alive than you ever thought possible.

Take risks. Step outside of your boundaries. Define “RISK” as not stepping outside of your boundaries, not chasing your dreams with courageous enthusiasm. The risk is in trusting that “someday” you’ll have the finances, insight, ability, courage, and time to chase your dreams.

By trying, we discover. By discovering, we fall in love. By falling in love with as much as we possibly can, we make this body and Universe our radiant home. By being at home in one’s own body and in this Universe, one is free.


We set ourselves free by letting go of fear. By living the life we want and manifesting the exact details of the life we want, right now. Nobody is going to create the life that you want, it’s up to you. It’s up to me. It’s up to us. Life is happening now, all around us. Soak it in, scoop it up, and spend your life doing what you want.



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