Human Beings

As I lay in Savasana this evening after a truly awe-inspiring class with a divine Yogi Master, I absorbed the rise and fall of the breathing bodies around me. My own breath residing so deep within me that my silent mind and sunken eyes could almost see the relaxation buzzing about me. Breathing in and out, my neighbors’ breath audible, their relaxation palpable, our sweat one, our experience diverse.

We all came from different days, stepped off different walks of life and into the studio, onto mats lain side by side. What a beautiful occurence. Is there any other such occurrence as powerful? Where beings lay so close after such a journey of mind, body and spirit, of sweat and heart? 

Human beings are amazing.

A yoga class, a truly amazing yoga class, where one listens to one’s own body and finds that coveted “edge” – that kind of yoga class can result in a family. A family of strangers lying on mats on a wooden floor. Breathing together, consciousness floating up out of exhausted, centered, lengthened, nourished bodies, becoming One in self-nurturing silence.

Life is beautiful, and it is so because of human beings. If one lived alone in the Universe it couldn’t be nearly as incredible as it is now, even with the overpopulation our dear Earth suffers from. We must be grateful for one another, we must express this gratitude. We must reach out to as many human beings as we possibly can. Forging human relationships and connections is a cosmic, powerful gift we are given as human beings. We enlighten one another, we uplift one another, we help, understand, love, sometimes infuriate, and inspire one another. We are a family. We share the human condition. We are brothers and sisters. Free your soul and reach out to the innumerable, amazing beings you pass by everyday. 

Remember . . . love is all there is.

Namaste you beautiful, exquisite human beings 8i8



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