Everything is One

. . . and Oneness is everything.

We are what we eat. We are what we do. We are what we say. We are what we offer out into the Universe, each and every moment. We define our Selves through our actions, through action we are.

Through practicing yoga, pranayama, meditation, eating as close to nature as I’m able, practicing mindfulness and moderation, bathing in kindness and gratitude, I have discovered my own truths.

My body and mind operate expertly and appreciatively when I nourish myself from the inside out. Eating a plant-based, whole, superfood-rich diet fuels my physical being and nurtures my Soul. I crave foods from the soil, from the trees, and healthy, nutrient-dense, mind-boggling vegan creations from my food processor. Practicing yoga everyday sustains my very being; I am One with my practice, I live and breathe my practice. Meditating and practicing gratitude renews my purpose on this earth and my connectedness to nature, it enlivens my femininity. Living simply makes me feel alive. Following Ayurvedic principles awakens my spirit and dosha.

Does everyone understand and agree with my ways? Surely not. We are all very different. We eat, act, say, feel, believe and manifest differently. That is the beauty of our kind, as I so frequently repeat.

I am brought divine pleasure through my lifestyle, holistically, and feel so grateful to have found the path I feel meant to walk so early on in my life. This way of living is what makes me feel alive and electrified in my body, in my skin. What is it that makes you feel alive and electrified in yours?

Do that.


Don’t let anyone change you or make you think that your way is not right, because it is your way. As long as you are nurturing your body, mind and Soul, know that your way is as it should be. Cultivate a sense of wellbeing in the present moment and walk your path with your head held high. Embrace the differences of others and practice non-judgement, just as you wish others to practice non-judgement towards you.

Feed that Soul of yours, live that life that you love. Living it wholly and fully. Don’t make any more excuses from this moment on, don’t put the path that you are meant to walk on hold, follow your bliss. Make your own rules. Dance your path if you don’t want to walk, crab-crawl it for all I care, just get on that path and be your wildly wonderful Self!!! Today is your day.

Everything is One . . . and Oneness is everything.

Namaste ~*~


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