“Nothing But Beneficial Energy”

Yesterday I had the privilege of practicing with a Yoga Goddess who I deeply respect and whose presence uplifts me immensely. Mynx Inatsugu teaches a transformational yoga practice at YogaWorks and is also one of the leaders of the teacher training that I will be honored to participate in this January. One of the Yoga Gods I frequently write about even coined the term, “You’ve been Mynx’ed!” Because it’s that transformational to practice with her. Seriously.

So, needless to say, my mind reached great epiphanies during a sweaty, inspirational Savasana. I noticed that my internal monologue, for perhaps the first time in my life, was different. It was slow, deliberate, careful. Not careful in the sense of trepidation, but careful in the sense of mindfulness. I carefully selected words, even though they were just going to be thought within my very own head, heard just by little ‘ol me, and my mind spoke them thoughtfully. Deliberately. Each word sinking into the membranes of my physical being slowly, as though I were watching from above my own body; as each slow and intentional word formed each sentence, and each thought, gradually permeating my existence, I observed a shift in my awareness. An uplifting change in my cells, my body, my mindset; a positive shift that will forever remain in my awareness and empower my thought processes.

Mynx’s powerfully gentle voice soothed from the outskirts of my awareness. Her words created for us an energy bath. “Bathe in energy, bathe every cell in energy,” came the voice, “nothing but beneficial energy.”

That one line has stayed with me as strongly as when Mynx first spoke it yesterday in the warm, moist air of that yoga studio.

Lying on my mat, eyes softly closed and sinking into the bath of energy that was my skull, I began to envision an “energy bubble.” Not a big plasticky bubble, but one of those perfect childhood bubbles. One that undulates, reflecting sunlight in rainbow colors, dreamy as it floats past, its existence magical in its brevity.

If this translucent bubble embodies my energy, then I am protected inside a soothing and light frame of energy. Though fragile in appearance, my energy bubble would be impermeable, distorting and deflecting any negative and harmful energy from being absorbed. Floating away from any energy that does not serve me. Accepting nothing but beneficial energy.

I love the image of this energy bubble. Something about it was a bit more naturally soothing that my prior image of a “shield” of plexiglass. The bubble visual is powerful to me because bubbles seem so easy to pop. They seem to only exist in a moment of idealistic childhood summer sunshine, floating away towards the sky and dissipating in waves of the atmosphere’s warmth.

But not my energy bubble, no. It is strong. It is fragile only in appearance, but the positive energy it retains prevents it from popping. Everything outside the bubble that does not serve me is unfocused, blurry. Everything beneficial is attracted and further charges the bubble with positivity. 

Do you see where I’m going with this? We have the power to determine our own energy and to own our energy. Having a moment on your yoga mat, in the presence of such wisdom, bathed in light and vitality is an existential experience. But it does not have to end! Take owndership of what is transpiring in your own mind and take it with you. Create images, visualizations, mantras and keep them, cherish them, make them yours. I now have my energy bubble; an awareness of my capability to select the very words that comprise my thoughts, individually.

“No one else is inside your body, no one else can feel what is going on inside your body – be there to listen, react and adjust…” this is another line of Mynx’s that I’ll leave you with for today.

This is an important statement within one’s yoga practice, and an equally important reminder in one’s life. The wisdom of these words apply both on and off the mat. Nobody else is going to be there every second to listen, react and adjust. We must protect ourselves; physically, emotionally, mentally…no one but the Self can do this job. So get good at it. Practice it. Don’t give a bother to whether the ninety-nine people surrounding you are doing the same thing, or if no one else in class is modifying the pose; listen…react…and adjust based on what you need. 

Do this, and you will be refreshing your wellness and internal state on a regular basis. Bathe each cell in energy today. Let it wash over you, infuse your every layer, and remember:

Nothing but Beneficial Energy.



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