Three Must Haves for a Yogi On the Go

I relish the days when I have several hours to dedicate to my yoga practice. In my ideal world I’d be able to wake each day before sunrise as Ayurvedic principles recommend, meditate for twenty minutes (at least), and practice my asanas for two hours. The unfortunate reality for many modern day multi-tasking and working yogi families, it’s often challenging to carve out dedicated time for our asanas, much less our meditation practice. I would happily indulge each day in a morning and evening practice if I could, but the truth of the matter is I am grateful for every moment I am able to practice whether it’s before work, at the studio, or just a brief restorative session before bed. If you are like me, and find the practice an integral part of your life, then you, too, are working to fit this inherent urge to practice into your daily existence.


That’s why I’ve devised a short list of must-haves for a yogi on-the-go.


1.)  An accessory to contain your mat. Whether you treat yourself to a mat bag, a harness strap, or simply use a hair band to keep your mat rolled up (I used to do that before scoring a totally rad and free Prana mat bag at work), it is incredibly convenient and will even sling over your shoulder as you shoot from place to place before and after class. Even with a home practice I enjoy rolling my mat up and neatly resting it back in its bag after my flow. It’s part of the ritual, I suppose.

2.)  Use a small spray bottle to make your own DIY yoga mat cleaner. Here is the simple recipe I use: distilled water, ten drops of tea tree essential oil, two drops of peppermint essential oil and two drops of eucalyptus essential oil. I spray the mixture onto my mat, let it sit for a minute, and then wipe it off with a damp rag. The tea tree oil is so soothing during practice as are the accompanying scents, and it gets the mat super clean. Another mat cleaner recipe can be found here:

Bikram Yogis will need a stronger cleaning solution, cue the vinegar!

3.)  A pair of slip-on shoes. Whether it is a pair of Toms, ballet flats, comfy flip flops, moccasins, or clogs…a comfortable, easy-on/easy-off pair of shoes are extremely convenient as well as cozy.


These three items are essentials in my book. I also suggest stashing some essentials in your mat bag (or pouch that you keep with your mat bag) such as an extra hair band, lip balm, mints, and possibly a few bucks (donation yoga classes, emergency Lära bar purchase, parking meter, etc.). I keep these in the handy zippered pouch on my mat bag. I have been saved innumerable times by my own squirreled away lip balm and hair band!


The most important thing for yogis on the go to carry is a sense of peace, the same sense of peace that we spend so much time on our mats cultivating. The world can be a hustle and bustle place, swimming with negativity at times, and it is our own responsibility to fend off the harmful energy with a peaceful and positive attitude. Creating beneficial energy within our own bodies allows us to exude beneficial energy. Making our own route to and from yoga a little more convenient is one step towards manifesting a graceful daily flow, both 


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