Yesterday in Savasana, the concept of the present moment came up. Shocking, I know. Savasana has become my most lucid brainstorming space lately. Somehow being immersed completely in the present moment, the way my body feels, and acknowledging each and every thought individually and equally allows me to identify concepts that are usually lost in the crashing waves that thoughts can become.

In Savasana I find a gentle ebb and flow of thoughts instead of crashing waves. The teacher, whose style was dynamic and very influential, spoke easily. “Do not move even one second into the future,” he instructed, “stay right here, right here in this moment, in this room.” My thoughts halted (every now and again they a tendency to move from present to what toppings I’m going to have on my oatmeal after class . . . but I’ve become pretty faithful to steeping in the deep “now” of Savasana” lately). “Moving into the future keeps the intuition from being your guide,” was what teacher said next, in so many words. This got me thinking.

I’m an intuition-enthusiast, constantly referring to my “woman’s intuition,” and always suggesting it be one’s guide. To hear it reiterated from an outside source, and one of such wisdom, in a moment of such vulnerable introspection was pertinent. 

My dedication to letting my intuition be my guide was rekindled yesterday, back pressed into the mat, damp with the sweat generated by my own asanas and the yogic bodies covering the studio floor around me. It hadn’t occurred to me that moving the mind too far into the future diminishes the intuition’s potency. That makes sense, though, doesn’t it? The power of the present moment infuses one’s intuition with cogency, allowing one’s intuition to effectively steer the ship. Isn’t that what so many of us strive for? 

What a gift, I received yesterday. What an inspiration to remain present. So often I find myself saying, “Stay present. Stay in this moment, right now. Let tomorrow come as it will.” But why am I saying this? What purpose does this mantra serve? It’s always beneficial to know not just that an action is serving us, but how it’s serving us. I feel grateful to have the answer to that now. Yes, I’m staying present in order to heighten my awareness, gratitude and personal humanity, but this is the “what.” The “why” is enhanced intuition. Staying present is the key to letting my intuition guide me. It’s a simple recipe, now that I acknowledge it. Thank you Yoga God, and thank you Savasana.

So, today, let’s all do our best to remain present. When we draw our minds away from planning the future and back to this very moment, gently tell the mind why. Determine a mantra that works for you. Thank your intuition for guiding you as it does, and provide it with the intense awareness of the “now” so it may better serve you in this day and in everyday. 




2 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. I received this wonderful insight today. It was a Duh moment, because although I am quite intuitive and get flashes about future events ALL the time, I did not know how to increase their frequency because I did not recognise they usually occurred while I was busy in the present, with very focused work for example or, noticing the sun’s rays or the birds outside. I am more intuitive in Autumn, and it is because I love this time of year, so I notice everything around me, the light, the colours, the leaves, the later sunrises. The common denominator for these flashes has always been that my mind was focused on the present. This also explains why when I am going through a period of worry and anxiety, thinking negatively ahead a lot of the time, I am less intuitive. Thank you for your article. I also feel so great that I’ve figured this one out, finally.

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