The Power of Voice

The Yoga Goddess was at it again tonight.

Have you experienced a class where the teacher instructs you to “sound?” Audibly exhaling, letting out a deep sigh, the sound of your own voice vibrating within the throat, within the body? That is the effect of the Yoga Goddess’ voice. It vibrates within you, within the room, reverberating gently from wall to wall, saturating the floor and grazing the ceiling. While we all have the capacity to sense the vibrations of our own voice leaving our own bodies, not all have the capacity to vibrate an entire room with their one, singular voice. This is where my awe of the Yoga Goddess comes into play, yet again.

Having a strong voice is an attribute that I find highly engaging. I am personally very drawn to those who have profoundly unique and strong voices. I always have been, but have only in the past few years become completely cognizant of the magnetism I feel to strong voices. Yoga Goddess’ voice is constant, its strength exists both in the studio and out. But when stepping into the role of teacher, before a room of yogis, her voice absolutely stuns.

By “strong voice” I in no way mean brusque, loud, or overpowering. I mean strong in the way a human being is strong; it’s not brawn that makes a person strong, it’s a culmination of characteristics. It’s many small components, some intrinsic, some practiced, that create holistic strength. Yoga Goddess’ voice is very soft, and its strength is unlike any I’ve ever experienced. It’s as though there’s a fire behind the harmoniously gentle tune of her voice; passion from within propelling voice from throat, out into the room, deep into the minds and bodies of breathing yogis.

I am praising my divine friend, the Yoga Goddess’, inherent strength and brilliant spirit, yes. But I am also, simultaneously, calling us all to tune in more intently to voice. The power of voice, or even lack thereof.

I attended a yoga retreat focused around cultivating and expressing one’s best possible voice. Through asana, meditation, breath work, kirtan and philosophy, we got to know our bodies. We became familiar and very aware of the gentle hum that is our breath and, in turn, our voice. The voice begins with the breath; one cannot speak when the lungs are empty. The quality of the breath stems from one’s state of mind; breathing mindfully, cultivating awareness, fills and empties the lungs in a purging, cleansing, oxygenating fashion.

It’s fascinating how, so very often, beings have no idea how incredibly moving they are. The nature in which they touch others, affect others, inspire others, is completely foreign to them. Humble is the word I use for these beings. Modesty is a beautiful characteristic to have. Especially when these beings are doing what it is that they live and breathe, when they are fearlessly chasing their bliss; it would be such a tragic shame if the Yoga Goddess were too shy or timid to have pursued her dreams of teaching the practice of yoga, of changing lives. I would not be able to sit here and write this exact post if that were the case. There are so many incredible, humble souls out there making the world a better place, improving the lives of their fellow beings by spreading the splendor that is their voice, their passion…and I am abundantly grateful for them. I’m grateful for their compassion that allows them to genuinely pour love from their souls into the souls of others; for their intelligence and precision in the art they study; for their strong, profound voices that stimulate minds and hearts far beyond the reaches of their consciousness…

The power of voice is bountiful. The power of your voice is tremendous.

You have the power, the power to summon the courage to speak your strongest, truest voice, if you aren’t already.

The Yoga Goddess will undoubtedly blush, in reading this. Perhaps she will feel uplifted in knowing that she has helped build in her friend such a sense of peace, of certainty. Hopefully it will fuel her agni, her heart fire, in this magical practice that she is so destined to share.

Do not underestimate the power of your voice, the influence it has, the lives it can change.

When we speak with a voice that is true, through breath that is deep and smooth, from a mind that is focused and serene…we have the power to change the world.

You have the power to change the world with your one, distinct, exquisite voice.


Stimulate the dull mind

Calm down the excited mind
Repeat stimulation and relaxation till you experience the Bliss
Keep enjoying the bliss.
OM, Peace, Peace, Peace



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