Indian Summer Salad

I’m heading to my family’s today to enjoy a preparatory “Luau” style BBQ in celebration of our trip to Maui in a week and a half! Even though my well-loved, blessed season of Autumn is upon us, we are calling today an “Indian Summer Celebration” of the summer weather we are about to soak up for eight days in Maui! 

Grilled fish and pineapple will be on the menu, and I’m bringing along a vegan, light, summery quinoa salad that I have dubbed “Indian Summer Salad” and decided to share with y’all today.

First I cooked up a big ‘ol pot ‘o quinoa (because I have about 100 recipes for this miracle grain so I need quinoa leftovers for my upcoming week!). Next I sliced sweet white corn right off the cob. Then I put fresh mint leaves and lemongrass in my food processor and minced it up. Then I chunked a juicy apple and put that in the food processor on “chop.” Mixing that all together, I juiced an entire lemon into the salad and added some dried dill. Last, but definitely not least, I added fresh zest of both orange and lemon peel into the quinoa salad. 

It. Smells. DIVINE (if I do say so myself). 

Photos will come later if I remember to snap them before the “Indian Summer Salad” is devoured 🙂

Have a blessed, harmonious day my friends!


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