Holistically Purifying the System

It’s been a busy week, and my last blog post sat in limbo for several days before being shortened and posted with a different title. It seems now, and felt then, incomplete. It was all I could come up with between running from work to home, cooking meals, preparing lunch, sleeping, practicing yoga…do you ever just get lost in the time? I feel happiest when I write something and practice yoga every day. Sometimes, however, this is simply not doable every single day and something must give. By living we gain writing material; by learning we gain insight, and something worth actually sharing.

My hectic week is warmly welcomed because, at the end of it, a plane ticket to Maui and 10 days of relaxing bliss await me. I’ve never been to Hawaii and am utterly thrilled to be typing these words. Not only is autumn, my most favorite season, upon us, but I’m also jetting off to paradise in just three days. Bliss. Gratitude. Abundantly blessed. 

This trip is one with family, in partial belated celebration of my graduation from college. Another fact worth celebrating is that, for the first time in many years, we are all able to take a long vacation with one another! That being said, after reading my horoscope, I figured an introspective week of studying just how I cleanse and purify my system on a daily basis (and in times when a Hawaiian vacation is not waiting for me at the week’s end) was in need.

So, what washes the dust of everyday life from your soul, my friends?
Here’s what I came up with…

Practicing yoga everyday (bet you wouldn’t have guessed that one!). The warm voice of my mother on the other end of the phone line. Sitting down with a black gel pilot G-2 0.38 pen and my crisp, lined journal. A mug of warm water and lemon in the morning. Meditating in a restorative set-up. The magic that materializes in the atmosphere come autumn. Filling my kitchen with soothing aromas of nourishing foods. Making goods I otherwise would have purchased. The burning in the bottom of my lungs from hiking a trail, and the serenity of the view that greets me. Drinking tea in a new cafe.Hiking with my dad. Experimenting with plants in my kitchen. Healing and soothing the body and soul through medicinal use of foods. Breathing deeply, pranayama, until emotions are raw and I’m really getting to know myself. Sitting before the ocean, a thick, soft scarf wrapped around my neck, being reminded by mother nature how beautiful small I am. Laying in the grass staring up at the sky (many of you are probably reading this going, “Are you kidding me? Like I have time to do that!” But I’m serious. It’s all the more powerful when you don’t have the time to lay on a blanket in the grass and stare up at the sky and you make time for it. Watch. Do it and just watch what happens to your soul). Snuggling up with my dog and feeling the warmth of her heartbeat, fast and rhythmic, so happy to be pressed to mine. Baring my soul to my best friend, laughing hard, and being reminded that in my most human state, I am loved. Refusing to adhere to a schedule on my day off, it’s so liberating. Kissing slowly and passionately. The feel of a mare beneath my fingertips, her warm, strong, face and sweet breath, tender in her massive brawn. Learning, reading, and hoovering up knowledge like it’s my last day on earth. Living with intention, living on purpose, and not caring what others think of it. Being unabashedly myself, risking judgement and loathing from others, accepting the darkness that comes with the beautiful, pristine, sparkling light of this delicious life.

I’m leaving this post as it is today, a little chaotic and utterly random; because that is how I feel this week, and I love everything about it. Not everything must be linear, organized, perfect. I am perfectly imperfect in this moment, this day and this week as I am in every moment, day and week. I embrace it. I think I’ll wear a funky hat tonight. And practice some yoga right now with neither rhyme nor reason, just mindfulness. That’s my sunday recipe for an imagination as fresh and free as a warm breeze on a sunny, [autumn] day. Care to whip up your own?

I’m leaving you with this amazing collage of inspiring quotes from MindBodyGreen.com creator Jason Wachob. He’s a genius, a yogi, a body image and “wellness warrior” (via Jess Ainscough) and someone who continues to inspire me everyday. 


Be well, my friends!


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