Isn’t it strange how music can affect us? I use the term “us” loosely, seeing as we are all so very different. A song has the power to bring me to tears in seconds. A melody can transport a healed heart and knowing mind back to a time before the mending and learning instantly. It’s something that never fails to strike me as simply exquisite.
I have a playlist on my iPhone called “Music is Life.” Such a statement seems grandiose, and yet, it’s kind of true. My mother’s voice is the most harmonious music to my ears. The albums my dad played as I grew up warm my heart in a way unlike anything else in this world. Hearing poetry read skillfully by an author, baring their soul to strangers through words carefully selected from a universal menu, is lyrical love genius. The murmuring of tender words to another human being, one whose soul has recognized light in and forged a union with yours…rapturous verse.

Music affects us everyday, differently, passionately, over and over again. It makes me abundantly grateful for my sense of hearing. At the same time, it makes me curious how one born deaf would describe music. Would it be the way colors dance before their eyes? The rapid, graceful dance of hands, arcing fingers, communicating language? Would it be sounds within the own mind? Vibrations?

Music is therapeutic to us in so many ways. The quickness with which we can recall memories, become elated, delve into sadness, relive experiences, simply explore our vast range of human emotions in a moment’s time…is incredible. It’s good for the heart, for the mind, for the body. Music helps us feel our feelings. Oppositely, it also serves as a distraction and allows us to shut out our feelings when we’re not ready to digest them.
Then there’s this phenomenon…have you ever turned on sad music when you’re feeling blue, just to cry? Maybe it’s love songs and you aren’t sad over a broken heart, but you cry anyway. Music is a vehicle for emotion, even when our emotion doesn’t match those of the chorus.

Music’s effect on the human body and experience is not to be underestimated.

I’m enjoying it today. There’s no real moral to this post apart from the suggestion that today, in the cozy fall weather wherever you may be, that you take a moment to explore your own relationship with music. Whether you sing to yourself, put your music library on shuffle, call up the person whose voice is your favorite melody, or define music for yourself…

Just feel your feelings around it, because it’s such a beautiful gift we have as human beings, our full range of emotion. The capacity to cognitively observe what, why and how we feel. What a gift it is.



4 thoughts on “Music

  1. Love this post. As a recording engineer/mixer/producer I see/feel first hand every day how music effects people. So I post saying “I love my job” the joy of bringing music to the masses. The joy of help artist release their creative gifts. Man you just have to smile 🙂

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