Back in Action!

Hello lovely souls!

I’m ELATED to report that, not only am I back in action, but I am back in action on my brand new, absolutely stunning MacBook Pro. Yippee! Poor ‘ol MacKenzie crashed (after six years of diligent laptop service) and now I have welcomed ProNelope (yes, I give my Mac laptops pun names, don’t judge) to the family. So, that being said, I’m happy to post after a long week and a half!

Before the crash of Kenzie, I was in Tahoe City for a long weekend on a fantastic Father/Daughter bonding vacation (long overdue!). My dad and I stayed at a family cabin for four days and had an absolute blast. The cabin is my aunt’s and we spent a nice, slow, quiet weekend in the 70’s cabin, playing board games, cooking nutritious and delicious meals, having lots of laughs and just soaking up some downtime. I’d saved up my Hawaii vacation and Tahoe weekend for a long time, having graduated college in June, and always having worked whilst attending school. Needless to say, I’m TOTALLY revamped from my vacations and ready to give my writing and yoga teacher training my 100% attention!

That being said, I’m thrilled to report I received the ITA position for my YogaWorks teacher training program, which means I get to participate in the next two months worth of marketing as well as have a certain set of responsibilities for the duration of the program, and I receive a scholarship for the tuition. I’m overjoyed! I’m perhaps a bit abnormally excited for this program, so the marketing is a killer gig for me. I’m looking SO forward to the blogging I’ll be doing as soon as this program begins in January! I’m going to be gaining a wealth of knowledge to share here.

Speaking of gaining a wealth of knowledge, I have decided that once I graduate from my YogaWorks training, I am going to embark upon an education through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Some true greats were bred from (or further enhanced by) this education, and I strongly feel it’s my next step. In the quest to build a career in health and wellness, it will be the perfect compliment to my yoga certification and journalism degree.

I leave you this evening with the promise of a full post tomorrow on something holistic wellness related and not a blabber fest all about me 😉 I beg your pardon for such a post tonight, but felt it necessary to explain my absence for the past week and a half. I’m looking forward to some introspective posts I’ve been planning this past week, as well as a review on some amazing herbal tonics I’ve made and adaptogens I ordered! 

Goodnight from my part of the world. Be well, be harmonious.


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