I started my mushroom kit tonight. I’m BEYOND excited. In just 10 days’ time I’ll have homegrown OYSTER MUSHROOM (cue the applause!!! Of me…because I’m that excited). This, paired with my measly basil plants I’ve grown every year (and my lavender), added to my entire childhood and adolescence happily eating out of my parents’ gardens have led me here: growing mushrooms in a box, pining after the dream of one day having my own sprawling garden from which to feed myself and my family. Homegrown is precious, special, hard-earned. Eating a plant-based diet is something I’ll always do, but growing as much of my own food as possible is something I truly hope to work up to. For now, mushrooms. In the future, I intend to grow everything from collard greens to sprouts to tomatoes to sunflowers whose seeds I’ll grind up into a spread…the possibilities are endless, I’m so excited. Homegrown, that’s the way I like it.


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