Give the Gift of Kindness

If I may be so blessed as to be the brightest part of another being’s day, then I am serving my purpose; then I AM bright; then I myself am receiving a gift by being able to shed some light on the path of another.
My purpose above writing, above practicing and sharing yoga, above holistic nutrition and wellness, above promoting positive body image, is being KIND. Being a loving, compassionate and kind daughter, friend, sister, grandchild, co-worker, family member and HUMAN BEING is my purpose here on Mother Earth.
To simply be kind is not so hard at all. The first step is letting go of the little things. It doesn’t mean grinning so hard it hurts all day long and tripping over every person we meet, it simply means treating each person as you would a friend, or a loved one. Trying to see each person through the eyes of their own child, their own husband, what-have-you, and treating them gently and courteously.
I had this thought yesterday at about noon, and then my mind got to work manifesting. Around 5pm a man said to me, “You have a wonderful smile. I’ve had an awful day. Thank you for making it better.”
There it is.
I’d not even tried, I’d not even realized he was feeling the way he was feeling, and yet subtle kindness soothed the negativity that had clouded this person’s day.
Kindness is contagious, cyclical, HEALING. It is the greatest gift we can give to another being. So, this holiday season, give the gift of kindness. It will go much further than anything one could possibly buy.

I love you ALL!




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